IT Services

Information Technology (IT) Service

Japan Recruitment Group provides full-service technology solutions IT managed services to achieve better business agility, higher levels of IT flexibility, support & aligns IT processes.

Japan Recruitment Group is a specialized global full-service technology solution IT Services has been consistently providing in-depth customized IT Infrastructure Solutions to across all sectors of industry – government, Travel, Hotel, College, Press, NGO, healthcare, banking, telecom, insurance, retail, and manufacturing.

We power your business with IT Service management and consulting services to help it stay relevant, flexible, and competitive while boosting performance and productivity with our unique IT infrastructure solutions. Our IT solutions follow an end-to-end approach, which enables us to deliver unified management of infrastructure and applications, getting your business ready for its transformational journey

Japan Recruitment Experts in field of Information Technology. This has been our core strength and the reason for our success. Our IT engineers from reputed universities teamed up with IT experts outside for a number of development projects.

IT team comprises of senior Software engineers with more than a decade of experience in and out of Japan and consistent support from experts. Currently, we can proudly say that we are among the leading companies. Additionally we also have a team of experts who have been working for application development in Android and IOS.

The basic hardware, software, networks and facilities upon which an organizations information technology services are built such as:

Network equipment

- Telecommunication services (Services to connect to the internet and corporate facilities such as leased lines.)

- Computing Computing hardware such as servers and basic software such as OS

- Information Security (Information security hardware and software such as a intrusion detection system)

IT Computing

Computing resources such as a cloud computing platform that includes management of data centers and self services tools for deploying, scaling and monitoring computing.


Services that visualize data for human consumption

Artificial Intelligences

Services such as platforms for machine learning.

Web Application

Development We facilitate our clients who promulgate quality product through our developers as well as technology professionals.

- eCommerce web Development

- Mobile Application Development(Android and IOS apps)

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