Sales leader / manager candidate

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
  • 投稿日: 2019-09-11
  • Career Level Manager
  • Offerd Salary ¥6 - ¥8 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee 10名まで
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Management
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 09: 30〜18: 30
  • Trial Period 3 months

This is an open position for a candidate for a sales general manager. The position will be judged and adjusted according to your aptitude, experience and wishes. 

There are also assignments to company group companies, but the personnel system and salary system remain the same. 

1. Recruitment departments 

1) New graduate / mid-career recruitment consulting business (advertising business) 

2) New graduate / mid-career / medical staffing business / childcare staffing business 

3) General / caregiver dispatch 

4) IT engineer dispatch (AXAS Corporation is developing a one-stop service to deliver optimal IT solutions to solve customer business issues. )

5) Advertising distribution platform (DSP) business (Maverick Co., Ltd.) 

Maverick Co., Ltd. is a company that develops DSP business, DSP development and sales, RTB infrastructure and DMP Support for building. 

6) New business 

2. Specific operations 

1) Operations for new / existing client companies , analysis of current situation , problem extraction , service proposal , follow-up, etc. 

2) Education, training and management of new graduates and young employees 

3. About the business area 

The company focuses on human resources-related businesses, from career consulting for new graduates and mid-career to nursing care and childcare, healthcare fields such as healthcare workers, human resource introduction and BPO in Asian countries, etc. I have expanded my domain. In recent years, we have continued to grow by expanding the domain to the “net domain” such as the operation of advanced technologies such as HR Tech, vertical media, and customer-collecting media, while maintaining these strengths in the “real domain”. 

Hiring requirements

[Required Skills] 

Those who have one of the following experiences : 

1. Sales experience in the human resources business (any business of agent, media, dispatch) 

2. Sales experience in the IT industry 

3. Corporate sales experience 

4. Leader More experience (experience watching one or more subordinates)

Wage system

Annual salary system

Break time

60 minutes

overtime work

There is a monthly average of about 45 hours

Discretionary labor system & fixed overtime system

Fixed overtime 

pay basic salary: ¥ 298,000 to ¥ 485,000 

Fixed overtime pay: ¥ 102,000 to ¥ 165,000 

Fixed overtime hours: 

Additional wages for overtime hours exceeding 45 hours overtime hours: Yes

Treatment conditions and salary bonus

Estimated annual income: 5 million yen to 8 million yen + incentive 

* Considering experience and ability, preferential treatment according to regulations. 

* Annual salary includes 45 hours of fixed overtime pay per month (extra portion is paid separately), annual salary system (payable in 12 splits), salary increase twice (April / October), promotion (as needed), transportation expenses ( Monthly upper limit 50,000 yen), with incentive 


Annual income 5.4 million yen: 450,000 yen per month + fixed overtime fee 115,000 yen 

[fixed overtime pay (45 hours)] 

* In general, 

monthly amount for leader class 250,000 yen equivalent to 64,000 yen for overtime work

 • 300,000 yen per month equivalent to 37,000 yen per month for 77,000 yen for overtime work

 • 400,000 yen per month equivalent to 89,000 yen for overtime work 

• 450,000 yen per month equivalent to 102,000 yen for overtime work

 • monthly equivalent to 115,000 yen for overtime work 500,000 yen… 

equivalent to 57,000 yen  per month for overtime charges of 1250,000 yen… 

equivalent to 600,000 yen per month for overtime charges of 140,000 yen… 

equivalent to 65,000 yen per month for overtime charges of 153,000 yen… 

equivalent to 700,000 yen per month for overtime charges of 165,000 yen…

equivalent to 178,000 yen per month for overtime 750,000 yen… 

Equivalent to overtime of 191,000 yen per month 800,000 yen…

Equivalent to overtime of 204,000 yen per month 8 50,000 yen… 

Equivalent to 216,000 yen for overtime work

[Late night work allowance (for 20 hours)] 

* Monthly amount of manager class 250,000 yen … Equivalent to 8,000 yen for 

overtime work 300,000 yen per month … Equivalent to overtime work fee 9,000 yen 

per month 350,000 yen …

Overtime work 

Monthly amount equivalent to 11,000 yen ¥ 400,000… 

Monthly amount equivalent to 12,000 yen 

overtime fee ¥ 

500,000 equivalent to monthly amount of 14,000 yen for overtime…

Monthly amount equivalent to ¥ 15,000 for overtime fee… 

Monthly amount equivalent to 17,000 yen for 

overtime fee 600,000 yen per month… Overtime Equivalent to 18,000 yen 

per month 650,000 yen per month… equivalent to overtime 20,000 yen 

per month 700,000 yen… equivalent to 21,000 yen 

per month for overtime work 750,000 yen per month… equivalent to 23,000 yen

per month for overtime work 800,000 yen per month… equivalent to 24,000 yen 

per overtime fee 850,000 yen per month… overtime Equivalent to 26,000 yen


Various social insurances, property-type savings system, shareholding association (with shareholding incentive scheme), division status system (reward trips for each status promotion, eg Taiwan), regular meeting, general meeting of employees (once a year), achievement of goals Departmental Meeting, Keigo Mikokin, Childcare Support Allowance (upper limit of 50,000 yen per month * Childcare fee for those who return to work after childcare leave are not allowed to leave their children in a licensed nursery school, etc. 

Selection process

Document screening 


Primary interview 


Secondary interview 


Final interview 

* The number of screenings and content may change.


[Number of annual holidays: 120 days or more] 

Full weekly holiday (Saturday / Sunday), Holidays, Summer vacation, Annual paid leave, Keio leave, Mental leave, Nursing leave, Maternity leave, Refresh leave, Day not to miss growth (Employees with children before entering junior high school can take special leave at the entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony, or athletic meet)

・ The working conditions, etc. specified in this job offer may differ from the working conditions at the time of signing the labor contract. 

・ This job offer includes information that has not been disclosed to the public, so it is prohibited to provide or forward it to third parties.