Technical office

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
  • 投稿日: 2019-08-21
  • Number of employee 1名
  • Working Hour 09:00〜18:00
  • Department Assign 情報通信システム事業 工事技術チーム

As a construction technology profession in the information and communication system business for corporations, we will:

Specific operations

Operations associated with sales of various business phones for enterprises

1. Various circuit construction and network construction

2. Introduction and installation of IP phones, OA equipment, etc.

3. Installation and wiring of business phone and in-house LAN

* Based on the contract taken by the person in charge of the corporate sales department, work is performed at the customer’s office.

* Perform work with veteran construction engineers and acquire qualifications while accumulating experience (electrical qualifications, etc.)

* Depending on the content of the work, the work may enter during the time when the customer is not available or on holidays. (Transfer holidays etc. can be acquired) 

Treatment conditions

Estimated annual income: 2.95 million to 3.22 million yen

Estimated monthly salary: 212,000 to 234,000 yen (including fixed overtime allowance and residential area allowance)

Monthly salary (monthly salary + housing allowance) x 12 months + bonus (summer / winter)

Fixed overtime allowance: 30,600 to 37,000 yen per month, paid as work allowance (additional pay for overtime overtime)

Residential area allowance: The amount varies depending on the area of ​​residence and the head of household (10,000 to 30,000 yen per month * For residents in Kyoto and Osaka: monthly salary of 222,000 to 234,000 yen)

* 18% of residential area allowance and work allowance are paid as overtime allowance for 30 hours a month, and it is a fixed amount regardless of whether overtime is available. Therefore, the remaining 82% equivalent is the basis for calculating overtime allowance.

There is a trial period (3 months up to 6 months, salary conditions etc. are not changed), bonus twice a year (June / December), full payment of transportation expenses (some internal regulations are in place)