Internship Plan


The challenges to cope with the ever-growing demands of the markets are the major concern of any company. Complexities of running the daily operations, providing excellent products and services, hitting the sales revenue, cost control –these impact the business cycle and more importantly the capacity of the organization to get ahead of the competition while maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing the revenues. The fundamental block of building and running a stable business will not be complete without a competent and dependable workforce.

At ​Japan Recruitment Group​, we believe that the people are the best asset in any company, regardless of the business size, industry and market. We provide the best intern and professionals, backed with solid knowledge, skills and attitude that can integrate solutions for your needs.

We assure that we can provide the best interns for your corporate to match your staffing requirements and provide best intern opportunity to candidate  You may get in touch with our team from the numbers indicated below to know more of our services.

Through this  we propose you the best internship opportunities to your organization or graduate studying students in any sector  from around world. 

About us

Japan Recruitment Group offers more than just intelligent, intuitive consultancy, it leads you to a successful partnership in the workplace between employee and employer. We also provide a wealth of experience that can only be acquired by experts working on the ground for many years familiar with all the local and global issues that could be tackled carefully and smartly.

Japan Recruitment Group is a group of experienced human resource industry consultants who specialized in human resource management in corporate, hospitality, information technology, infrastructure and various technical sectors. Clients include financial institutions, small businesses, tourist boards, hotels, restaurants, developers, corporations, health institutions, engineering forms and production units.

The key words describing our service are Quality, Integrity and Reliability. We have a genuine passion in our approach to this business. Our ability to deliver the right results for our corporate clients, rights’ holders and venues is second to none. Our services provide a genuine benchmark of quality.

Our purpose in coming together to form hospitality is to provide from one source, in one team, a full spectrum service for the employment industry. Our skills cover all aspects of employment business advice from planning and development, research and feasibility through to marketing strategy, sales action plans, and operations.

We are driven by a desire for excellence and the achievement of measurable improvements in the field of advancement in labor and employment. We assign experts to lead each project and we will do just that - lead, drive, coordinate and deliver, on time and to agreed project objectives. Auctioning agreed plans is often a time and resource problem for clients, so we always build in the option of a follow-up to assist in speedy and successful implementation and thus the early achievement of improvements in performance. We stay part of your team.

With Japan Recruitment Group, you get more than straightforward consultancy based on facts and figures. You also gain the benefit of our enormous knowledge base that will help minimize your risk – and increase your probability of success.


The internship management plan will have two functional aspects:

1. Internee selection: the internee will be selected on the merit basis with defined terms and conditions verified by hosting various companies. The selection will be performed by Japan Recruitment Group.

2. Internship plan implementation: The selected candidate will join the host company in Japan. The internship will be based on agreed internship plan.

Qualification of internee students:

All the internees are students and are from Graduate level, termed as Bachelor in particular field. The internee students already complete their six semesters of study in college/university

Complementary documents for Internship

Beside this proposal, the internship activity needs following complementary documents:

1. Agreements between Japan Recruitment Group and different organization

2. Internship Plan (the plan for year round internship plan)

3. Formal notification to Japan Recruitment Group about facilities and terms/conditions for internee.

This is to notify that the complementary documents will be defined after acceptance of this proposal.


The time plan can be divided into two periods:

1. Pre-internship period: the period will comprise of selection of candidate, document exchange, visa application, movement to Japan and enrollment. The tentative time for pre-internship activities will be 7-8 weeks.

2. Internship period: the period will comprise of internship activity in host organizaion in Japan. The time period of internship will be of 12 months.

First intake: Mar/Apr 

Second intake: Oct/Nov

Time Duration:

● 1-year internship for Bachelor student.

● 1+1= 2 years’ internship related to employment for Diploma student.

Company details and contact information

Company name: ​Japan Recruitment Group

Open 9:00 Hours to 5:00 Hours | 7 Days a Week | 365 Days a Year

Roles and responsibilities of the Japan Recruitment Group

1. Japan Recruitment Group shall provide Participants for the Internship Program, the number of participants to be manually decided and agreed in writing by the Parties.

2. Japan Recruitment Group shall provide all necessary documentation for VISA applications of Participant from the relevant authorities before the departure of the Participants.

This shall include the following: -

a. Write-up of the Learning Institution

b. An Original Academic certificates, Passport and four (4) Passport size photographs of the Participants.

c. The internee’s Curriculum Vitae.

d. Any other documents as may be required by the relevant authorities from time to time.