Privacy Policy

When you use our services, you’re trusting us with your information. We understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to protect your information and put you in control.

1. Name of the business handling Personal Information

Japan Recruitment Group

2. Personal Information Protection Administrator

We have assigned the following person as the administrator in charge of the protection of Personal Information obtained for the purpose of providing employment support services to applicants, to ensure that Personal Information is appropriately and safely managed and protected.

3. Purpose of using Personal Information

We will collect Personal Information for the purpose of introducing employment opportunities to applicants according to their requests and providing information regarding applicants to hiring companies which includes Japan Recruitment.

It is up to the applicant to decide whether or not to provide Personal Information to our company, however, if the necessary information is not provided, the applicant may be disadvantaged in the process of introducing hiring companies. For more details of our purpose of using personal information, please refer to our privacy policy at Japan Recruitment website.

4. Providing Personal Information to third parties

The Personal Information received from applicants will be used within the scope of above mentioned use purposes, and the applicant’s name will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without the applicant’s previous consent having been obtained, even if the information will be used within the scope of the use purposes.

5. Outsourcing the handling of Personal Information

We may outsource or jointly use Personal Information with Japan Recruitment PLC group of companies (including subsidiaries and holding companies of the Japan Recruitment PLC) and trusted third parties, in order to partially or fully outsource our employment support service operations. In such a case of joint use by a trusted third party, our company will execute an agreement regarding the protection of Personal Information with outsourced party or the joint use party and strictly manage the handling of Personal Information.

6. Protection of personal Information with the joint use party

• We may jointly use Personal Information within Japan Recruitment PLC group of companies. (Including subsidiaries and holding companies of Japan Recruitment PLC)

• The entries which may be shared within Japan Recruitment PLC group of companies include: name, mailing address, phone number, email address, other information written in the curriculum vitae

• The purpose of the joint use: Provision of permanent recruitment services, provision of temporary recruitment services and other associated business services

• Personal Information Management Administrator: Japan Recruitment Specialist.

• Obtaining method: The method of collecting the Private Information in the preceding paragraphs

7. Procedures for responding to requests for disclosure, etc. of Personal Information

To request the modification or revision of Personal Information such as address, etc. or to request the disclosure/deletion of Personal Information, please contact the person indicated below. After confirming your identification and your request, we will perform the procedure without delay.

8. Contact Person regarding Personal Information

Please address any inquiries, complaints, etc. regarding Personal Information protection to the person indicated below:

T: 03-5846-8757 E: