Nursery School Support

Nursery School opening support project

Support until opening

1. Advance consultation

● What type of business (small licensed business or company-led type) is good?

● How much funding is required for opening the park?

● What will the operating balance look like?

● How far does it take to support the opening of the park? 

We will answer your questions.

2. About company establishment

Depending on whether the nursery is run by an individual or a corporation, if you are a corporation, we will assist you with registration.

3. To get the approval of each local government

Each local government designates a maintenance area for small childcare projects every year. Which region you want to open in is important, but you must basically be in this region in order to receive a grant and open the park.

4. Property selection for daycare

Each local government has approval standards, but it can be opened in detached houses, condominiums and apartments.However, there are many cases where some property owners refuse to use it as a nursery school.The hardest part of opening the park is looking for this building. We will work with a partnered real estate company until we are satisfied with the introduction of the property.

5. Design company (designer)

Once the building is decided, the next is design. Because it is your own garden, I want to make it exactly as I imagined. However, some municipalities have detailed instructions and regulations regarding the layout. Therefore, we recommend that you be a design company and a design engineer with experience in designing nursery schools in each local government. In our company, we can introduce to the operator in cooperation with such designers.

6. Recruitment of facility manager

It is necessary to apply for a childcare supervisor (director) at the stage where the candidate site is decided. Normally, paid advertisements are used, but there are cases where you have to continue posting until you can hire, or you can't grip until the park opens.After adoption, it is necessary to recruit childcare workers. Since our company is also engaged in the dispatch and introduction business, we can provide the most difficult “how to recruit, how to interview, follow-up after hiring” in one stop.

7. Call for applications

Once the candidate site for opening the park and the basic design are decided, the application process will be conducted for the local public offering. In many local governments, the application documents are fixed, and the application documents will be created according to that. As the next barrier, you must "presentation" whether the contents of the application are appropriate and whether the operator is qualified (except for some local governments).If you do not clear this, you will not be able to open a nursery school, even if you have the intention. We will not only prepare application documents but also give advice on presentations.

8. Design review, bidding

After successful adoption (passing the call for proposals), we will discuss with the designers for the implementation design examination and decide the details such as the floor plan and equipment.After the implementation design examination has passed, a general competitive bidding will be conducted. (Excluding some local governments)In our company, we will give you advice on floor plans, facilities, etc., as well as introduction of construction companies.

9. Building construction

When the construction company decides by bidding, we will begin to renovate the building.

10. Childcare equipment selection

In parallel with the construction of the building, preparations for opening the park must also be undertaken. Equipment has special specifications, and the price varies depending on the company.Some local governments also have a “purchase subsidy” for purchasing equipment.We will be happy to assist you with everything from equipment purchase advice to purchase subsidy applications.

11. Preparation before opening

Immediately after the opening of the school, the actual childcare starts after an entrance ceremony. How about decorating the nursery room? Is the division of roles among nursery teachers appropriate? Some points that tend to be overlooked by the time the park opens will be displayed one after another.We will be involved in meetings for pre-preparation, etc., and will support you to welcome the opening of the park.

12. Search for collaborative facilities and doctors

One of the requirements for obtaining approval from the local government is “Cooperation facilities (neighboring daycare centers where you can cooperate) and temporary doctors (medical institutions that perform regular health examinations)”.We will also give advice on how to request such an organization and how to set up cooperation.

13. Explanation to the applicants and use contract

Those who wish to enter the park will be gathered through the local government. Some of those who wish to enter the park may be visiting other parks.First of all, for those people, the operator will hold an “entrance information session” at the nursery school. And, you will be carrying a usage contract with the user (guardian of the child).We will give advice on the operation of the briefing session and advice on usage contracts.

14. Opening

Now it's time to open the park. No matter how veteran nursery teachers come, it will be nervous for the first time. I am convinced that sustaining the first “good tension” will help prevent accidents in the park and lead to better childcare.

At our company, we will assist you in the “subsequent childcare management” according to your wishes.


A nursery school is a facility that takes care of important children on behalf of relatives who are recognized as unable to raise children due to work. In that sense, there is no denying that the viewpoint of nursing is strong.

I have always told Mr. Sono, who helped open the park, that "a nursery school is a mutual education institution." A period of “nurturing” together with parents who are not educational institutions like schools. Anyway, recently I can hear the voice of the parents saying “I have entrusted childcare to the nursery school” and the voice of the nursery school saying “It is enough to leave it for the required time”.

We would like to add to our parents and nursery schools, so that we can “nurture” important children who will be responsible for the future of Japan.

* Regarding advice and support, although it is a success (opening) reward type, opening support fee will be charged. We also have our own refund system. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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