Career Advisor

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-23
  • Career Level Others
  • Offerd Salary ¥4 - ¥6 Million
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Number of employee 5
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Trade
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 9 to 17
  • Trial Period 6 months
  • Department Assign HR Division
Job Description

Recommendedfor those who want to be actively involved in business creation! Careeradvisor recruitment service with strengths in legal department and backoffice 

as a recruitment business brute string to the qualification test onlinelearning service that Ed-Tech business is run by “qualified Square”,was born in March 2018 “Legal Engine ( Legal engine)]. It is aservice that matches human resources who want to form a new career in the legaldepartment, such as corporate legal staff, lawyers, and those who are studyingfor passing the judicial examination, and companies that want to obtainadvanced knowledge with high cost performance. Those who join this timewill be in charge of career advisor work andjob strategy planning and execution for those whowish to change jobs as the second startup member. 

[Specific business content] 
□ career advice and outplacement to change jobs seekers 
□ scout delivery business 
□ companies, negotiation of a candidate, the adjustment 
※ the how the situation of the business, get concurrently the adoption supportservices to adopt the desired companies There is also a thing. 
* Legal knowledge will be worn by OJT after entering, so it is not necessary atthe time of joining the company. 
* We are looking for people who are willing to work for personal careersupport. 

Developing a career at a venture company in the growth stage will acquire notonly the power of “business development” but also the experience andskills of “organizational development” that grows companies andorganizations together. 

[Workplace Atmosphere] 
Site Visit is now in its second founding period. In order to grow thecompany more than ever, we are actively exchanging opinions regardless ofyear. Adopt a good opinion immediately! I think you can feel that youare creating your own services. In addition, the flexibility of being ableto decide the time to work at Full Flex by yourself, freedom of clothing, andentrusting the decision-making authority to each employee is also attractive.

Hiring requirements

[Required Skills] * One of the followingexperiences 
□ Career advisor work experience (1 year or more) 
□ Intangible product sales experience for individuals (2 years or more) 

[Welcome experience] 
□ Educational background, current employment Those who are working for acompany with a high degree of difficulty 
□ Those who are performing well in sales-related occupations 

[Characteristics required] 
□ Those who can enjoy their own business and company growth in a ventureenvironment 
□ Strong commitment to achieve goals A person who can always think about how toachieve it, not a reason why it cannot be done 
□ A person who can move with his / her own will and responsibility, and who cancollaborate with others 
□ A person who can learn and apply in unknown areas Someone 
□ Person who can work on business with quick judgment and attitude to try first

Treatment conditions / sales bonus

■ Breakdown of 
annual salary: 360,000 yen: monthly salary of 300,000 yen [basic salary of216,945 yen + overtime pay (deemed 45 hours) 
: 83,055 yen] annual salary of 7 million: monthly salary of 584,000yen [basic salary of 422,300 yen + Overtime fee (min. 45 hours) 161,700yen] 

* Determined based on experience and skills. 
* Raise and promotion: twice a year


■ Equipped with various social insurance 
■ Transportation fee flat payment (upper limit 30,000yen / month) 

[Systems and initiatives for creating welfare and a comfortable workingenvironment] 
■ No clothing regulations

Selection process

(1) Document screening 
(2) Individual interview (2 times in principle) 
* Applicability check before the second interview 
(3) Tender offer 
* The above is subject to change.

■ Full flex + working at home

■ Qualification support system 
■ In-house library (You can borrow it mainly on business books) 
■ Available on the side 

■ In-home allowance / moving cost assistance * If you live within a radius of2km from the company 
, 30% of the rent (upper limit of 30,000 yen) will be paid by the company,moving fee assistance (Up to 100,000 yen) 

■ Group medical insurance participation and various consultation services(24-hour health consultation / mental health consultation)
■ Consolation and condolence payment system 

■ Nursing care / nursing leave paid 
■ Family nursing leave (proprietary) Leaves that can be taken when a familymember within the parent’s level is injured or needs nursing due to illness,etc. (paid / granted for about 5 days 
throughout the year)■Possible to enter elementary school for shorter working hours while raisingchildren 

■ Assistance for lunch payment between employees three times a month (upperlimit of 1000 yen) 
water Ba-coffee makingfacilities 
■ law can be consulted free of charge to the president is a lawyer