[In charge of Growth Strategy Planning and Promotion] Business Strategy Staff

Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-23
  • Career Level Officer
  • Offerd Salary ¥10 - ¥15 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee 1 Person
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Internet & Gaming
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 9 to 17:30
  • Trial Period 6 months
Job Description

As a business strategy staff, you will be responsible for planning and promoting growth strategies for the company’s housing-related business. In cooperation with executive officers and Internet business headquarters, etc., you will be able to proceed while acting as a hub. 


In the housing-related area, there are huge markets and value chains, such as new homes, second-hand homes, custom homes, rental homes, and renovations. 

Among them, “I will focus on the industry issues and trends that consumers, developers and intermediary players have, and further strengthen the company’s position” or “Change the value chain to change the company’s role and position. Determine the strategy of whether or not to “take a discontinuous action like that”. 

After that, we will set the goals that the business should aim for, push it into the plan, and promote the business while correcting the trajectory through monitoring. 

[Specific business] 

1. strategy: short-term, medium and long-term priority mission development 

2. P / L (profit and loss statement): Planning of the business plan ,  sales, KPI planning the development of, product development plan and organizational structure Formulation 

of investment plans for advertising expenses, etc. 

3. Control and drafting of major conferences in charge of business areas 

[Challenging and attractive] 

・ You can plan your own business strategy and confront the management team. 

Instead of staying as a general manager of the business unit manager, he will formulate a strategy as a pilot and propose to both the product side and the sales side. It is a challenging job that requires strong will and leadership. 

-Use strong brands, abundant customer data, and strong customer contact. 

“SUUMO” has a strong brand power against customers, a huge amount of data generated from it, and customer contact that has been built for over 40 years, a dynamic way of thinking about how to fight while deciding the allocation of these resources I can work.


Following who meet either 

1. business areas experience two or more 

2. Each one year or more of job experience two or more 

※ However consultants, VC (venture capital) is allowed even one a plus 

– Skills to formulate strategic hypotheses , Excel and PowerPoint skills , deadlines, and the ability to guarantee quality 

・ Problem solving ability 

・ Thinking ・ Behavior speed, flexibility , multiple tasks, working hours Self-management ability

Treatment conditions / sales bonus

Estimated annual salary: 7.97 million yen to 11.26 million yen Monthly salary: 498,631 yen to monthly salary 703,900 yen 

* Although the stated annual salary is assumed, depending on experience, we may present an annual salary exceeding the upper limit. 


standard supply: 362,640 yen – 511,927 yen 

grade allowance: 135,991 yen – 191,973 yen 

※ grade allowance overtime 45 hours equivalent 

separately paid as overtime the production amount in the case more than ※ overtime 45 hours 

Bonus: year Twice (June / December), commuting transportation expenses (according to company regulations)

Selection process

Document selection 


Interview (2-3 times) / SPI exam 

 ↓ Final   


* The number of selections and content may change.