[Industry inexperienced welcome] “Demaekan” delivery base manager (Koenji)

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-09-03
  • Career Level Manager
  • Offerd Salary ¥2 - ¥4 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee 1
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Internet & Gaming
  • Working Hour 11: 00-21: 00
  • Trial Period 3 Months
  • Department Assign Demaekan Koenji / Kinshicho
Job Description

The company that operates the largest delivery order site in Japan “Daizenkan”, which is rapidly expanding in “Shared Delivery”, will leave the store manager (delivery manager) to you. 

[About Sendaikan] 


This is a comprehensive delivery site where you can place orders directly at delivery and delivery stores nationwide. 

It is possible to place orders with benefits by looking at menus and information such as “waiting time for current delivery” from delivery service stores in many genres such as pizza, lunch boxes, Chinese food, sushi, Western food, liquor, and services. I can do it. 

“Shared Delivery ™” is a service that enables delivery even if a store does not have a delivery function by sharing a delivery function that is linked to multiple stores that are members of the “Daizenkan”. When an order is placed at the “Damaekan”, the order is immediately placed at the store and the delivery base, and the store finishes cooking at the designated time. After that, a delivery member at a shared deli site such as a newspaper dealer ASA will deliver the product using a motorcycle or electric bicycle at each site. 

[Concrete operations] 

1. Delivery base management (equipment management, etc.) 

2. Delivery staff (part-time job) management, education, part-time job interview, shift management, etc. 

3. Delivery order control business 

Delivery controller business: Delivery service Allocate the order to each delivery person’s smartphone using a tablet. 

[Career path] 

After on- site training, you will be responsible for the store manager. Eventually, there is a possibility of transfer to consulting sales (supervisor SV business) to the delivery base. 

[About the company] 

The business mission is to create a dream city that makes people think that they want to live in such a city! The first step is the “Damazenkan” business, which proposes a new lifestyle by ordering food delivery online. We will continue to provide valuable services for both parties, providing new sales channels to participating stores, and the convenience of being able to place orders on the Internet for users, establishing an absolute position as a highly convenient infrastructure Therefore, we are working every day. 

Due to the aging of society, the advancement of women in society, and the diversification of lifestyles, demand for food delivery services is still expanding. As a leading company in the industry, we aim to lead the expansion of the delivery market itself by providing know-how to stores that will start on-the-go and providing proposals and consulting for increasing sales to stores that have already been posted. 


– “cozy if there is growth potential is also good small and medium-sized enterprises” ranked (Toyo Keizai, Inc. January 26, 2018) 

and stock prices increase rate of the high level of corporate # 3 (Nihon Keizai Shimbun, April 3, 2018) 

– Workplace environment with an average age of 31 years, many in their 

20s and 30s • Track record of managers in their 20s, track record of hiring female managers, housewives active

Treatment conditions and salary bonus

Expected annual income: 3.5 million yen to 5 million yen 

Monthly salary: 250,000 yen to 375,000 yen + performance-linked bonus + various allowances 

* Monthly salary includes fixed overtime charges (51,100 yen to 74,000 yen) for 30 hours per month. 

* Overtime charges exceeding 30 hours are paid separately. 

Commuting allowance (regular fee payment, up to 40,000 yen per month) 

<Model annual salary> 

Members: 3.5 million to 5 million yen 

Leader: 4.5 million to 6 million yen 

Manager: 6.5 million to 10 million yen


Fully equipped with various social insurance, housing allowance (working in Tokyo: 30,000 yen per month minus regular fee), dependent allowance (spouse 5,000 yen, first child 5,000 yen, second child and later 3,000 yen / month), Resort facilities (exclusive), benefit one members, stock option system, training system, short-time work system, withdrawal system (can be withdrawn early or late for 4 hours once a month), childcare cost subsidy system (up to 50,000 yen / month)

Selection process

Document screening 


Primary interview 


Secondary interview 


Final interview 

* The number of screenings and content may change.


[Annual Holidays: More than 120 days] 

Complete weekly 2-day system, paid leave (10 to max. 20 days), summer vacation, Gyeonghui vacation, special leave, child nursing leave (until the child reaches the beginning of junior high school attendance) Target)