[Leverages] Sales (Position Search)

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-26
  • Career Level Manager
  • Offerd Salary ¥4 - ¥6 Million
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Number of employee 1
  • Gender Required Both
  • Qualification Bachelor Degree
  • Working Hour 9 to 18
  • Trial Period 6 months
  • Department Assign Each division, each base
Job Description

AboutRebatech Co., Ltd .: https://levtech.jp/company/
Engineers at Leverages Group Established in August 2017 as a companyresponsible for creator-specific services. We provide services closelyrelated to engineers and creators.
* Refer to the service: “REVATECH” (https://levtech.jp/#section01)
IT engineer / creator special agent that supports freelance, dispatch, and jobchange

<Concrete work> For
engineers and designers registered on the company site Career counseling andproposals for IT companies (mainly major Internet companies).
* Depending on the region where you are assigned, you may be in charge of bothcareer advisors and corporations, or you may be in charge of either.

2. Medical
Care Business Division We are solving the problems of nurse human resources atvarious offices, from national hospitals to major medical corporations,community-based clinics and nursing homes.

<Service details>
Interview article of the Medical Career Division Manager:https://melev.leverages.jp/entry/2018/08/10/090000
Change-of-care site for nurses “Nursing Jobs: https: // kango -oshigoto.jp/ ”

<Concrete work>
Career counseling to nurses registered on the company’s website, introductionof hospital and facility projects
Adviser work for companies (interviews with hospitals and facilities and humanresources (Proposal proposals, solution proposals including support forretention, etc.)

We provide employment support services in each industry for young people,mainly in their 20s, including new graduates of the Human CapitalDivision .

<Service details> -See
interviews with the head of Human Capital Division
support service for freeters, graduates and second graduates”Hataractive” : Https://hataractive.jp/
Fasion introduction service “FASSIONE”specialized in the apparel and fashion industry: https://fassione.com/
Recruitment service “career ticket” for new graduate students: https: //careerticket. jp /
Personnel referral service “Workria” for people with disabilities

<Concrete work>
Career counseling will be provided to job applicants registered on thecompany’s website, and will be introduced to suit the needs and suitability.

To solve the “declining birthrate, aging population and declining population”which is one of the social issues in the Care Business Group, we aredeveloping a human resources service business specializing in the nursing carefield, where the shortage of people is serious.

<Service details>
Seeinterview with the head of the Care Business Headquarters
Recruitment service for nursing and welfare workers “Kira Care”: https: //job.kiracare.jp/

<Specific work>
You will be in charge of both career advisors and corporate sales.
Proposal of human resources for facilities
Counseling for caregivers, introduction of facilities

[About the company]
Headquartered in Shibuya Hikarie, a middle venture centered on human resourcesand media. It specializes in the IT industry, themedical / nursing care industry, and young people, which are social issues, andwe are continuing to develop business to solve social issues.
All-in-house business is in-house, and the company has strengths not only insales but also in media development and marketing, and businessdevelopment specialized in IT and medical fields where the market continues toexpand As a result, the company has achieved annual sales of 26 billion yen inthe 14th fiscal year, expanding its business bases to 18 bases in Japan and 2overseas.

Treatment conditions and salary bonus

Expected annual income: 4.2 million to 5 millionyen
* Depending on experience and career, the annual income may fall below theminimum annual income.

<Annual income example> For
4.2 million yen: Basic salary of 300,000 yen + bonus of 300,000 yen x 2 times(= 600,000 yen)
* Amount including 115,360 yen a month (annual income of 4.2 million yen) asfixed overtime fee equivalent to 80 hours a month (There is an excess payment)

Promotion of salary increases: 4 times a year (twice a year after joining thecompany), full payment of transportation expenses


Full range of social insurance, overtime pay,neighborhood allowance (20,000yen / month for office workers in Tokyo 23 wardsthat have an address within 2 stops from the company, and regional branchemployees with an address within 2km from the company 13,000 yen a month),drinking nicotine allowance (4,000 yen a month for all employees as an internalexchange expense), defined contribution pension system, qualification supportsystem, antenatal flex / short-time work system, all-you-can-read businessmagazine, Online English Conversation Free Participation System, LCP System(Inter-department Exchange Program), Reba Cafe System (Espresso MachineInstallation, 10 Types of Coffee / Tea, etc., and Snacks Considering the Healthof Employees such as Vegetables, Fruits, Vegetable Juices, etc. , 5 rice cookers are alwaysin operation, all-you-can-eat white rice, retort curry and soup are enriched)

Selection process

Document screening
Primary interview
Secondary interview
Final interview 
* The number of screenings and content may change.


[Annual holiday number: 121 days or more]
Saturday, days, holidays, summer vacation, the year-end and New Year holidays,paid vacation (10 days to up to 40 days after joining six months ※ year 1 dayto 2 days given the number of days on the basis of the Labor Standards LawIncrease), parental leave, maternity leave, postpartum leave, special leave(marital leave, maternity leave, abduction)