[Management Department] Accounting (Strategic Accounting Department)

Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-22
  • Career Level Accountant
  • Offerd Salary ¥4 - ¥6 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee 5
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Management
  • Qualification Bachelor Degree
  • Working Hour 09: 15 to 17: 45
  • Trial Period yes(3 months)
  • Department Assign Headquarters Accounting Department Strategic Accounting Department
Job Description

In the improvement work, progress confirmation, problem response work, internal/external discussion, document preparation, etc. are performed depending on the phase.

[Characteristics of position]
-This is a job that aims to become a generalist who considers the future of the company by refining the management perspective and tackling management issues.
Main customers are mainly accounting departments and internal departments. There are also many interactions with business system vendors

[Challenging and attractive]
You can start from work according to your knowledge and experience and aim to further step up in a growing company.

[Working environment]
The ratio of male to female is male 2: female 2, and it is a climate that is evaluated regardless of gender. Many men and women are active as managers.
The entire company has a corporate culture that shows its motivation and ability to play an active role. In the accounting department, there are several achievements that have been promoted to managerial positions in less than a year after joining the company.
In the accounting department, more than half of mid-career employees in their 20s and 30s are working together in a casual manner. 
-Directors in charge of accounting and bosses also have desks in a flat position, and the workplace is well ventilated.
-The office is directly connected to the station, and there are convenience stores and restaurants in the building, making it easy to go to work.

[Evaluation point of the business]
-changing spiritual climate accept
, their own thinking move proactive action force
sense of responsibility to, quality and deadlines Good for completion
can be grown in the sustenance of the experience, including the or failure tough ambition
, leadership
, project management capabilities
, Communication skills
/ honest work, seriousness
/ basic skills (task management, reporting / contact / consultation, etc.)


Hiring requirements
[Required requirements]
Those who meet all of the following requirements:
1. Accounting workflow construction/improvement experience
2. Nissho Bookkeeping Grade
3 3. General IT skills (Excel, PowerPoint, security knowledge, etc.)
4. Communication skills (understanding of the main points,(Consideration of aggressiveness, partner and situation, etc.)

Those who can build their own thoughts [Yes]
1. Experience in building and improving accounting workflow
2. Experience in system introduction
3. Experience in general accounting work
4 Management experience in the accounting department
5. Nissho Bookkeeping Level 2 or above
6. IT system field qualification, etc.


Details of assigned department
Organization structure: 4 employees (+outsourcing) * As of April 1, 2019
Affiliation structure: General Manager-Section Manager


Treatment conditions / sales bonus
Estimated annual income for the first year: 4.1million yen-6.2 million yen
Monthly salary: 187,000 yen-236,000 yen
* Determined based on work experience.

<Estimated monthly income * Amount including an allowance in monthly salary>
Monthly salary 322,062 yen: Calculated with full-time employee 26 years old, company history 2 years and 6 months, head of household, working in Tokyo metropolitan area, overtime allowance 40 hours a month

<model annual income>
annual income 5.2 million yen: 26 years old Sales career 4 years experience(including university graduates, working in Tokyo metropolitan area, head of household, 40 hours overtime month)
6.5 million yen in annual income: 31 years old section manager 5 years experience (university graduate, working in the Tokyo metropolitan area, In the case of the head of household),

pay raises once a year (April), bonuses twice a year (June / December),commuting transportation expenses (paid according to company operating standards)


Various social insurances, overtime allowance, regional allowance, position allowance, dependent allowance, employee shareholding association, group life insurance, retirement pension system, various Keiki systems, award system, employee dormitory, sports club corporation member, employee start-up support System, short working hours /time difference working system, health checkup, defined contribution pension system, qualification system, borrowed company housing system, etc.


Selection process
Primary interview
Secondary interview
Final interview
* The number of screenings and content may change.

Relocation: Yes

[Number of annual holidays: 127 days] * Actual values ​​from October 1, 2017, to September 30, 2018
Full weekly holiday (Saturday / Sunday), Holidays, New Year holidays, Mynavipublic holidays (5 days a year) ), Annual paid leave, Gyeongsang leave, special leave (marriage leave, abduction leave, child nursing leave, etc.), maternity leave childcare leave.