[Mito] System proposal sales staff specialized in local governments

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-26
  • Career Level Staff
  • Offerd Salary ¥2 - ¥4 Million
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Number of employee 1
  • Gender Required Both
  • Qualification Bachelor Degree
  • Working Hour 8:30 to 17:20
  • Department Assign Because we are developing business with a focus on expanding sales in Saitama Prefecture and the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Job Description

The customer’s local government and headquarters are located in Gunma Prefecture, but now we are developingbusiness with a focus on expanding sales in Saitama Prefecture and the Tokyometropolitan area.

Flow of business
(1) Collect information to connect with proposals such as information revisionof information collection method and system replacement of newcustomers.

(2) Proposal system introduction proposal. In the case of local governments, taxes areused to purchase goods, so processes such as “budget planning” and “congressionapproval” are always required. Therefore, it is not uncommon to spendabout two years in the proposal phase for a core system. When makingproposals, we will proceed with business negotiations in close cooperation withsystem engineers, infrastructure engineers, and partner companies.

(3)Once an order for support for installation is decided, requirementsnecessary for operating the system are defined with the customer. Thisphase is centered on the system engineer, but there is a possibility ofincurring out-of-contract costs, so the sales will accompany it. At thesame time, we will place orders for equipment necessary for infrastructureconstruction after coordination with infrastructure engineers.
(4) Operation support
After the operation, we will check the operational status related tooperability, etc., confirm additional requests associated with the revision ofthe law, and collect information that can be assisted by other departments (diggingup new projects).

Treatment conditions and salary bonus

■ Bonuses
twice a year (July, December / 4.5 months)
* However, bonuses are paid in full since the second year of employment. Inthe first year, the payment rate is fixed according to the month of entry.

■ Salary increase
(once a year)

■ Annual salary of employees
28 years old (2 years of service) 4.2 million yen / month salary + bonus +various benefits
33 years old (2 years of service) 4.7 million yen / monthly salary + bonus +various benefits
34 Year-old (4 years of service) annual income 5.65 million yen / monthlysalary + bonus + various benefits


Completion of company insurance (work accident,employment, health insurance, employee pension), commuting allowance (up to120,000 yen), dependent allowance (spouse: 10,000 / month, other dependentfamily: 6,000 yen / month), housing allowance (Tokyo) 30,000 yen / month inTokyo, 15,000 yen / month in other areas * Increase in households, decrease inyears of service and promotion), Ownership allowance (10,000 yen / month) *Limited to 3 years after mortgage ), Retirement allowance system (retirementpension system / 401K participation), property savings system, self-developmentincentive system (lump sum of up to 500,000 yen when passing a specifiedqualification), training system (training by level, OJT training, varioustechnologies) Training and study sessions), recreation facilities (Kusatsu,etc.), employee travel once a year (Tokyo Disneyland), in-house club activities(19 types in total), childcare short-time work system, short-term care system,general welfare service (well Fair station) introduced, paid vacation “1 hourunit” It can be acquired

Selection process

1. Document screening

2. Primary interview
● Aptitude test (Web format. The test will be taken at home etc. before theinterview date)
● Interview with the person in charge (location: Ibaraki Branch) * Currently inthe Tokyo metropolitan area, etc. If you live and are thinking about making aU-turn to Ibaraki, you can also have an interview at one of our other bases(Kinshicho, Tachikawa, Yokohama).

3. Secondary Interview
● Executive Interview (Location: Head Office) * Transportation expenses forexecutive interviews will be paid in full

4. Confidence
* Because we accept consultations on the date of interview / employment, thosewho are currently in office are also welcome Please apply for.
* About 4 to 5 weeks are planned from application to final offer.


[Annual holidays: 122 days or more]
2 days
a week (and weekends and public holidays) * Customers (localgovernment officials) are also closed on weekends and public holidays, so thereis no urgent need to go to work on holidays. Please rest assured. However,work for system operation (witness in the case of sales) will be done onholidays so that residents’ service will not be affected. On average,there are about 1-3 times a year for holiday work.
Paid leave 10 to 20 days, year-end and New Year holidays (6 days), refreshleave (3 days), Keigo leave (disappointment, marriage, birth of spouse, etc.),child nursing leave / care leave