Mobile phone sales (in front of docomo, au, softbank )

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-09-26
  • Career Level Staff
  • Offerd Salary ¥2 - ¥4 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee 2
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Trade
  • Qualification Diploma
  • Working Hour 9:00 to 18:00
  • Department Assign Service / Sales / Bund
Job Description

You will be mainly responsible for customer service and sales at our stores. “We continue to offer proposals and services that satisfy our customers

Please provide a bright and motivated service with the motto Specific business details are as follows.

[Business description]

◎ The main business is sales of mobile phones and smartphones and customer service at stores.

・ Customer service

→ Hearing needs, suggesting models, plans and services

→ Response to questions and defects

・ Other store operations

→ POP creation, in-store posting, store cleaning, etc.

・ Lecturer at the smartphone user class (performed at work hours in stores), etc.

★ What to expect from you ★

Not only responding to customer requests, but also finding out needs that customers have not yet realized.

It is also important to draw out the problems that are full of everyday vitality that I hope I can do. ” Customer

We are also looking forward to proposing a plus alpha that will make each person’s room more rich and convenient.

In the future, you may be active as a core member of the store, and step up as a leader and store manager depending on your achievements and motivation

Is possible!

★ Inexperienced relief system ★

After a certain company, it starts with about a week of training at the head office. There is no sudden rush to the store.

Because it belongs to the place, it is safe even if it is inexperienced. Of course, you don’t need to know your cell phone or smartphone! Seniors from the first place at OJT even after store assignment

Please listen to anything you don’t understand. In addition to the training at the head office, the training and training system, store training, etc. are substantial

So you can always acquire knowledge and improve your skills!

≪This work is rewarding≫

It is a place where a fine customer service tailored to the customer is required. We are a carrier of DoCoMo, au, and Softbank, which is said to be domestic.

Since it is open as a shop and a wide range of customers visit, it is necessary to provide customer service and proposals tailored to each customer’s needs

Become. Since there are many products that can be proposed in addition to mobile phones, we can meet the diverse needs of our customers. For customers who were assigned

It is most rewarding to be satisfied and to sing with a smile, “Please ask again!”

The best part of this job is one-stop service, from sales to explanation of operations, options, and reception of failures.

In the point. Therefore, when the new models and new service from each carrier came out becomes a mandatory business to remember each time, ⽇ ‘s knowledge acquisition is必

will be required. It’s strange to learn new things, but the knowledge we have gained has expanded, and the ability to provide all services to our customers has led us to feel the growth of our employees and to help them enjoy their work.




Payroll details

★ The above is assumed to be adopted. Skills, experience, age, will be considered based on our regulations.

★ Raise once a year




Transportation expenses (up to 40,000 yen) Qualification allowance (5,000 to 60,000 yen / ⽉)

Raising and raising allowance (10,000 to 30,000 yen / day) Family allowance (5,000 to 35,000 yen) / ⽉) Job title (10,000 to 70,000 yen) Job responsibilities (20,000 to 40,000 yen)

Overtime allowance




Social insurance complete Retirement system Keio Maiko system Various commendation systems Full payment of qualification costs

Raised employee system Borrowed company housing system In-

house travel (results: 2015 Cebu Island, 2016 Kyoto / Kyosaka or Danang,

2018 Guam Or Amagasaki / Fukuoka / every other year)




Shift system (annual leave 110 ⽇) Maternity leave and childcare leave (many acquisitions) Paid leave

Keio leave Long-term leave leave Nursing leave

positive off system (recommended to take a minimum of 5 days or more annually)



Selection flow

[Application documents]

[primary ⾯接] ※ timing There are aptitude tests in the Web before ⾯接if someone

[final ⾯接]