“Net shop consultant” to revitalize the region

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-22
  • Career Level Staff
  • Offerd Salary ¥6 - ¥8 Million
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Number of employee Upto 5 people
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Development
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 10:00 to 19:00
  • Trial Period 3 months
  • Department Assign Consultant (consulting to online shop management companies, online shopping / e-commerce companies)
Job Description

As a consultant, you can rely on sales promotion advice (consulting) for online shop and EC site operators. In addition to sales promotion, I am involved in general management.

The representative (I) is from Rakuten, and the book has become the best seller in the e-commerce industry, a small but well-known company. For example, NHK Close-up Hyundai and Fuji TV news, weekly diamonds, etc. have been introduced, and local governments have been asked to work.

Clients are SMEs nationwide. With the spread of the Internet and EC, “attractive shops” and “pointed companies” are appearing one after another. However, there are many cases where SMEs are not blessed with funds and human resources, and their potential cannot be fully realized. This is where our company comes in.

We provide services that bring out the “sleeping goodness” of the products that should be sold and the stores that should be sold and put them on a growth path. From local stores and small companies that were buried until then, attractive products have become known throughout the country, and there are many achievements that have doubled sales.

Proposal fields include not only WEB marketing but also a wide range of areas such as profit ratio management, customer unit price improvement, product planning, repeat promotion, subcontracting examination and organization construction. It takes the stance of “talking”. With essential skills, you can become a human resource who can contribute to achievements.

The team consists of “members who have changed jobs from various industries”. Since the education system is in place, several popular consultants are nurturing even if they are from different industries such as corporate sales and real stores.

So if you are wondering, “I am only seeing what I am now. I want to contribute to the business as a whole.” “I wonder if I can work in the outside world.”

I think you are better than our members in terms of your expertise. So we can guide you through the world you haven’t experienced, but we would like to share your knowledge and experience and grow with each other.

The client-side representatives are mainly small and medium-sized business managers and business managers. Since you are contracting on an equal footing, you can listen smoothly. Also, you won’t be swung around unreasonably. It’s not a work agency service, so it’s not really necessary, but I don’t think it’s a customer’s intention to do a fake job.

There are many workplaces where sales are the main focus of consulting, but our company is purely a consulting-only job and focuses on “essential work”.


Recommended requirements]
■ One year or more of practical experience (not required)
・ Retail / Sales / Education / Net shop / Internet mail order / Web related (WEB marketing / Web site production / Director / Designer)

* Consultant Inexperienced OK! Please rest assured that the education system is also solid!

[Character Image]
・Person who wants to do work that can see the results of his / her work and appreciate the person
・ Industry that grows for the future

・Person who wants to work in the company
・ Growth of myself who want to get a feel to go rather than in-gear, their own who want to work in the name – “necessary and has been has realized” the resulting while who want to work who tackle to work, proactively
There is one condition . Whether “contributing to customers” is more important than knowledge. For consultants, expertise is just a tool. It is my job to use tools to help client companies and other people in charge and solve problems. Expertise is a means, not a purpose. Rather than being craftsman-oriented to “extremely measure”, problem-solving orientation that “helps people and produces results” is required. If you have that ambition, we will show you how to achieve it.

[About training] As an EC expert, we will offer extensive training after joining the company in order to consult with operating companies. As web marketing measures, students will learn a wide range of themes such as SEO, smartphone support, mall optimization, branding, UI improvement, Internet advertising, and SNS usage. In addition to e-commerce sites / websites, we aim to improve the added value of our clients by learning all aspects of business such as product planning and organizational operations.

Because it targets small and medium-sized enterprises, rather than pursuing specialized knowledge, it deals with the theme “broadly and shallowly”, and prioritizes decision making and upstream processes rather than individual measures. In addition, rather than directing work on behalf of the work, it is also characterized by thinking with the client and aiming for a state where the client can run independently.

In the training, you will learn and train from knowledge to communication.


◆ Equipped with various social insurances: Health insurance, welfare annuity, occupational accident insurance, employment insurance
◆ Commutation transportation expenses (until 30,000 yen / month)
◆ Maternity leave (also available!)
◆ Rent assistance (“our office 3” If Hikkose within the station “, rent auxiliary 20,000 yen / month)
◆ Tokyo support system (adopted at the time, if accompanied by moving from outside the Kanto region bear the cost up to 200,000 yen)
◆ once a week, lunch at company expense
◆ Once a month, drinking party expenses
◆ Free clothes at office work
◆ Water server, coffee machine unlimited (of course free)
◆ Sweets ready
◆ Book purchase request system
◆ Rest space available
◆ Regular health checkup (once a year)

Selection Process

▽ document screening
▽ Web test
▽ video interview
▽ president interview (zoom) ※ interview aptitude test before
▽ final interview
▽ job offer

※ work start date allows for hope.