[Non-experienced] Editors Travel Area (Jalan), Food / Beauty Area (Hot Pepper)

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
  • Post Date: 2019-09-03
  • Career Level Staff
  • Offerd Salary ¥2 - ¥4 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee 1
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Other
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 09: 00-17: 30
  • Trial Period 6 months
Job Description

You will be in charge of editing,planning and production for either “Jalan”, a travel information magazineoperated by the company, or “Hot Pepper”, a coupon magazine. 

[business travel magazine in the “Jalan”] 
while quickly catch the new signs, I love the local, than anyone We are lookingfor editorial staff who can have fun and make suggestions for going out. 

<Concrete duties> 
1. At the planning and planning meeting of the featurearticle, presentation of the planning proposal of the article incharge , discussion of the optimal plan that meets the reader’sneeds, editing, planning and production of the monthly magazine”Jalan” Production of other web contents 
2. Meeting with external brain 
As soon as the direction of the article in charge isdetermined , discussion beforeinterviewing  Examination of specific magazineimage by team with external brain (copywriter, photographer, designer,etc.) 
3. Local coverage by teams based on the details of prior meetings 
There are often new discoveries, so it is necessary to take on-site leadershipand respond flexibly. 
4. calibration and trafficking tasks confirmation of whether or not thereis a miss in the contents of the – magazine,(re-confirmation to the editingportion and interviews destination) fine tuning , after confirmation, totraffic a document on the printing company “Jalan” is completed 

<travel About the information magazine “Jalan”>
https://www.jalan.net/jalan/doc/top/honsi/honsi_index.html .Japan’slargest travel information magazine that delivers “seasonal” and “deal”information nationwide. Based on the local information gathered from areamanagers throughout the country and the thorough coverage and editingcapabilities of the local editorial department, we will deliver outingproposals that can only be made by Jalan. An electronic app is also beingdeveloped. 
In the future, we will continue to provide valuable information to customersboth domestically and overseas, regardless of the existing paper media, andcreate as many “persons as possible”. 

<Challenging / Attractive> 
“Jalan” produced with many people is lined up in bookstores and conveniencestores, and you can feel the results of your work by contacting the sales ofbooks and the feedback from the interviewees. 

[business in coupon magazine “Hot Pepper”] 
in cooperation with the sales representative of the country that produced thecoupon page, gourmet Produces editorial articles in genres such as hair, nailsand relaxation. 

<Concrete work> 
1. At the special feature article planning / planning meeting, present theplanning proposal for the article in charge , discuss with the salesrepresentatives in each area the planning that meets the area needs and readerneeds 
2. With external brain of the meeting after the direction of thedetermination of the in charge article, meeting before the interview, outsideBlaine (copy writer, photographer, designer, etc.) by a team of and,consideration of the specific magazine image was the contents of the 3.pre-meeting on the basis of , Field coverage by the team Since there are many new discoveriesin photography , it is necessary to take on-site leadership andrespond flexibly. 
4. Proofreading, submission work, checking whether there are any mistakes inthe contents of the magazine, fine-tuning (reconfirmation in the editorial departmentor the interviewee), confirmation, submission of the manuscript to the printingcompany, and completion of “Hot Pepper” 
5 In order to reflect on the next plan, we will examine thesuitability of the plan based on a questionnaire from readers. 

<About Coupon Magazine “Hot Pepper”> 
https://www.recruit-lifestyle.co.jp/service/hotpepper.html 50 areas fromAsahikawa in the north to Kagoshima in the south, restaurants, beauty salons,relaxation and beauty spots , Japan’s largest coupon magazine that sends informationon “town deals” such as schools. 
In the future, I would like to “revitalize the city” by providing informationto more customers while taking advantage of the strength of paper media withoutbeing constrained by existing hot peppers. 
In April 2013, we launched the Hot Pepper Hachinohe version (first advancementin Aomori Prefecture) and “Nishi Nihon Shimbun x HOTPEPPER Kurume (FukuokaPrefecture)” in collaboration with Nishi Nihon Shimbun. 

<Challenging / Attractiveness> 
“Hot peppers” created in cooperation with many people are lined up at stationsand street corners across the country, and you can feel rewarding by listeningto the readers saying “It was fun”. 

[Workplace environment] 
there is a culture that balances”working” and “playing”. We are committed to reducingemissions and focusing on producing results in a short time. 
we actively provide various growth opportunities and stagesto improve individual market value and career. (Assessmentinterviews and coaching for career development and skill development, careerdevelopment training * Utilizing skills acquired in the third year of thecontract to support career change to the industry or job type you want topursue)


Monthly salary, bonus: Twice a year(April-September enrollment is paid in December, October-March enrollment ispaid in June * Amount prorated based on the number of days enrolled during thetarget period) was there incentives, transportation expenses full amount paid(in the case of non-car commuting not ※ 1 day he joined, only joined monthcommuter transportation expenses will not be paid) 
—————– —————————————————————————————— 
[About employment forms] 
Recruitment by contract employees is. 
* There is a system for appointing full-time employees with limited regionalblocks and occupations. 

<Contract renewal> 
Initial contract only: 3 to 6 months and thereafter: 1 year unit / upperrenewal limit 2 times (maximum 3 years * not including initial contractperiod) 
* There is no re-contract or renewal exceeding the maximum age. 
—————————————————————————————————- ——- 
<Tokyo: Hot Pepper Jalan> 
Monthly basic salary of 219,877 yen 
* As a fixed overtime equivalent of 45 hours per month, 82,454 yenper month is included in the monthly salary. Yes ) 
Annual income example 1 
4.13 million yen: First year of sales / employment, fixed monthly salary30.33.31 million yen + bonus 250,000 yen × twice a year 
Annual income 2 
4.58 million yen: second year of sales / employment Fixed monthly salary of339,7210,000 yen + bonus of 250,000 yen × twice a year 

<Osaka: Jalan> 
monthly basic salary of 202,364 yen 
* As a fixed overtime equivalent of 45 hours per month, the monthly salaryincludes 75,887 yen (excess amount) (A premium wage is provided) 
Annual income 1 3.84 million yen:Sales / employment 1st year Fixed monthly salary 27,825,000 yen + bonus 250,000yen × twice a year 
• Annual income 2 4.26 million yen: Sales / employment 2 year fixedmonthly salary 313,024 yen + bonus 250,000 yen case of × twice a year 

<the area Outside: Jalan> 
monthly basic salary 187,354 yen as 45 hours equivalent to a fixedovertime of the month ※, (there paid premium wages of excess) provision beincluded in the monthly salary of 70,258 yen per month , annual incomeExample 1 3.59 million yen: sales positions / joining 1st year fixedmonthly salary 25,612 million yen + bonus 250,000 yen x 2 times a year ,annual income 23.98 million yen: Sales / employee 2nd year fixed monthly salary29,0110,000 yen + bonus 250,000 yen x 2 times a year in the case of

Social insurance complete, various trainingsystems, career support system (1 million yen is paid uniformly to all thosewho have completed the contract for 3 years), overtime allowance (for thoseexceeding 58 hours per month), late-night overtime allowance, holiday workallowance

Document selection 
Two interviews 

* The number of interviews may vary.


 [Number of annual holidays: 130 days (125 daysfor company holidays + 5 days for designated holidays)] 

2 days a week (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, several days a year due tocompany calendar), year-end and New Year holidays, summer holidays, GW,Gyeongju holidays, paid holidays (15 days at the time of joining the company *5 days are reserved holidays, and are given every year after joining thecompany for the second year after joining the company), special leave (Keio,menstruation, childbirth, public injury, nursing, suffering, traffic blockage)