Production engineering for cosmetics

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-26
  • Career Level Others
  • Offerd Salary ¥2 - ¥4 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee up to 5 people
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Manufacturing
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 08: 15-17: 00
  • Trial Period 3 months
  • Department Assign Production Engineering Department (Manufacturing / Filling Packaging Line)
Job Description

Manufacture of natural cosmetics / filling packaging line 

★ Employees in their 20s and 30s who have joined the company are active. 

In addition to our own brand “Jupon Cosmetics”, our company, which handles OEM cosmetics, conducts planning and development –  manufacturing –  filling –  product shipment consistently. 

This time, we are recruiting production engineering positions in charge of the [Manufacturing] and [Filling] processes. 

You will be responsible for the production of cosmetics (foundation, lotion, milk, etc …) and the filling work of filling the manufactured cosmetics into a container. 

* Depending on the aptitude, we will leave any work. 

★ Specifically … 

[Manufacturing] Manufacturing contents of cosmetics The ingredients of cosmetics are made by blending raw materials. This department collects and weighs the raw materials according to the manufacturing instructions, and manufactures them using special machines. You can learn about 3000 kinds of raw materials and manufacturing expertise from scratch! 

▼ Work contents (specific example) 

– Collect raw materials. (The raw materials necessary for manufacturing are collected from about 3000 types according to the instructions.) 

– Weigh the raw materials as specified.  

– Weighed raw materials into the equipment. 

– Make creams, lotions, and serums by adjusting the rotation speed, time, and temperature of the device. 

[Filling / packaging line] 

Filling operation to pack the contents of cosmetics into the container Filling operation to pack the contents of the manufactured cosmetics into the container.

There are various types of cosmetics, such as foundations, lotions, and emulsions, but containers also have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is the job of the filling and packaging line that each person carefully packs and packs them by hand and finishes it into a finished product. 

▼ Work process (specific example)

As an operator, one of the three production lines is responsible for product production, disassembly cleaning, assembly and adjustment of filling machines. In addition, many production lines work in cooperation with part-time workers, so I will leave it to management. It is also important to think about creating a comfortable working environment for part-time workers and improving operations in production. 

[Characteristics of the company] 

For more than 30 years since its establishment, we have sold our own brand “Jupon Cosmetics” mainly in beauty salons across the country. One of our attractions is technical ability. We specialize in the development of professional cosmetics, such as the industry’s first water-soluble foundation that has obtained a patent for a essence-based manufacturing method that contains a highly blended natural moisturizing gel. 

 The water-soluble foundation “Natural Sweet Foundation”, a signboard product, is used for further product development, including a new combination of quinsince gel, which was previously formulated, and a new extraction method jointly developed with Shinshu University. I have put my power into it. 

 Our company, which has been developing professional products with a strict eye for cosmetics since its establishment, has accumulated a wide variety of know-how. In addition to our own products, we are also undertaking OEM production (Original Equipment Manufacturing) utilizing our technical capabilities, and we have responded to requests for planning and development of products such as additive-free products that require high technical capabilities. Today, there are about 60-70 business partners. 

    A vibrant company centered on young people in their 20s and 30s. It is important to evaluate a positive spirit of challenge, and depending on your motivation and achievements, there is a corporate culture that is likely to be selected for the above positions. Most of them are mid-career employees, and there are many people who have started with no experience from different industries! 

 In addition, for more than 20 years, we have continued employee trips for two nights and three nights in June every year, and employees from all over the country have gathered together to deepen their friendship. It is popular that you can refresh because there is a lot of free time and exchange with members who do not usually meet. So far I have traveled to Hokkaido, Okinawa, Ise, Hida Takayama, Kanazawa, etc., and this year I have been to Kobe, Kagawa and Tokushima. 

[After joining the company] 

After conducting on-site training for about 1 to 2 weeks, actual work will begin while being taught by senior staff. 

First of all, we will leave it to you to support your growth with an expectation of about half a year. Because there are always seniors around you, you can immediately hear anything you don’t understand or have trouble with.

Hiring requirements

Those who have worked as a full-time employee for more than 1 year 

* No educational background (literature unquestioned)

Treatment conditions / sales bonus

Salary increase once a year (April), bonus year twice (July, December) 

* Working hours only on Saturdays 8: 15-14 : 00 , monthly salary 200,000 yen to 270,000 yen


Fully equipped with various social insurance, full payment of transportation expenses, retirement allowance system, family allowance, employee discount system (40% OFF), training trip, recreational ownership

Selection process

Document selection 

Interview (1 to 2 times) 


(Primary interview will be conducted in the field and secondary interview will be held in Tokyo.)


Annual holiday 112 days, 

2 days a week (Saturday, Sunday), public holidays, Golden Week, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, paid vacation, Gyeongsang vacation 

* Once a month, basically 4th Saturday.

・ The working conditions, etc. specified in this job offer may differ from the working conditions at the time of conclusion of the labor contract. 

・ This job offer includes information that has not been disclosed to the public, so it is prohibited to provide or forward it to third parties.