Service designer

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-30
  • Career Level Others
  • Offerd Salary ¥4 - ¥6 Million
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Number of employee 1
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Other
  • Working Hour 9 to 18:00
  • Trial Period 3 Months
Job Description

As acompany’s service designer who provides IT services, he is responsible forextracting correct problems and solutions and visualizing business modelrequirements. 

[Specific work] 
1. Workshop, facilitation 
2. Extraction of problems, issues, and values 
3. Service design (business model definition including lean canvas * and CVCA*) 
4. Usage scene design (UX *, concept) and summary, the design of thestory) 
5. IA (information design) 
6. game Nix design 
7. UI ※ design (screen function configuration) 
8. prototyping (UI prototype, paper prototyping) 
9. the PoC ※ plan, design, execution , Analysis 
10. Operation improvement design 
11. Participation in the operation improvement team 
12. Promotion plan 

* Lean canvas: A business model in a single figure. 
CVCA (Customer Value Chain Analysis): Listen to customers,drop them into specifications, and expand into production. Mainly onproduct development of manufacturers, we will analyze the value of money andwhere it will be provided to whom by dropping money exchanges and stakeholder(information) exchanges on the map. thing. 
UX (User Experience): Refers to the experience that userscan obtain through products and services. 
PoC (Proof of Concept): Proof of concept. This refersto verification and demonstration at the pre-stage of prototype development forthe purpose of demonstrating new concepts, theories, principles, and ideas.

[Examples of project work] 
1. Customer (CL) consults on the creation of new business 
2. Service designer (hereinafter referred to as SD) plays a central role inproposing the contents of the initiative 
3. SD, UI designer (hereinafter referred to as UID), Policy design bysales 
4. Setting workshop by SD, UID, CL, SE (hereinafter referred to as WS) (SD isthe center, setting “ Problem ”, “ Problem ”, “ Value ”, “ Strength ”together with UID, CL, SE WS the implementation) 
5. SD service models and business models, draft creating such CVCA create

 6. UID is service prototype (basic conductordesign, wireframe and visualization of available images) 
7. CL and SD, in UID Draft brush-up WS 
8. SD designs and executes verification plans (interviews, market surveys,demonstration experiments, etc.)- 
SE conducts technical surveys and estimated cost estimates 
10. SD, The UID analyzes the verification results Modify the Sumoderubusiness model 
11. CL and the SD is determination of the service model, business model andplans screen functional configuration of 12. UID is output (frontfunction), activity, user flow, Kamp, Komu create a UI guidelines 
13. SE and UID proceed to define requirements for final system specificationsand calculate cost and duration 
14. CL, SD, UID, SE, and sales agree on development content 
15. Start development (UID is required screen specifications, materials, etc.)a presentation to the engineers) 
16. CL and the SD is to prepare the seat set of CVCA (creating and executivesummary, also carried out, such as negotiations with the necessary businesspartner) advances

17. CL,UID, the creation of promotional material in SD (catch copy and banners, PL,etc., also carried out, such as examination of promotional material) 
18. UID performs a quality check of the screen specification at the time of thedevelopment test acceptance of

 19. system – Lease 
20. regularly analysis – improved operational usage of the service 

[The attitude of the mission andposition] 
1. Service designer work of the company’s service design team does nothave is a collection of skilled pilot. The team itself is a skilledpilot. Intrinsic service design is only possible when elements such asdesign thinking, information design, business design, UI * design, andmarketing are combined. 
2. Required posture 
Team play posture is the most important part, not individual play. In thesense that it will be established as a “skilled pilot” for the first time as ateam, we expect a synergistic effect of individual abilities. Ideally, allmembers should be able to demonstrate 100% or more of their abilities, but infact, if one person creates a state where 150% is demonstrated, most of theother members can only exhibit 50% or less of their abilities. “Team play”is also important for “skilled pilots” or “corporate organizations” to be ableto demonstrate nearly 100% of their ability. Ultimately, we believe thatthis will lead to the creation of the “world’s best professional group” inwhich individual abilities are demonstrated by more than 150%. 

* UI (User Interface): A contact surface between users and products /services. In the case of a website, all information that touches theuser’s vision, such as the design and fonts displayed on a personal computer orsmartphone, and if the product is the product itself or appearance



Treatmentconditions / sales bonus

Estimatedannual income: 4.6 million yen to 7.9 million yen 
Estimated monthly salary: 270,000 yen to 540,000 yen (including 85,000 yen to112,500 yen / month as a fixed overtime fee equivalent to 30 hours) 
* Professional business type for annual income of 57.8 million yen or more Thediscretionary labor system is considered to have worked for 9.5 hours. 
* Additional wages for late night work and holiday work are provided. 

Bonuses twice a year (February / August * paid based on business results andpersonal results), wage revision twice a year (January / July)




Varioussocial insurances, employee holding society, mental health care system, KantoIT Software Health Insurance Association, Keigo Sumiko, short working hours forchildcare (prescribed working hours from 8 hours to 6 hours until childrenenter elementary school) Kick-off meetings & social parties, company-widemeetings, tech teahouses, in-house seminars, year-end parties, child workplacetours, etc.




Documentselection (submitted portfolio) 
First interview (on-site) 
Aptitude test (personality diagnosis * taken at home before finalinterview) 
Final interview (executive / director) 
↓ Temporary 
* Number of selections and contents may change There is.




Annualholidays: 125 days] 
Full weekly holiday (Saturday and Sunday), holidays, refresh leave, year-endand new year holidays, annual paid leave (first day 10 days), Gyeongju leave,other special leave (maternity leave Childcare leave, etc. 
* Special leave (refresh leave, year-end and New Year leave) will be”total number of days-240 days (working days)-holidays”.