Solution Proposal Sales for CFO Organizations

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-27
  • Career Level Programmer
  • Offerd Salary ¥4 - ¥6 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee up to 5 people
  • Gender Required Both
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 09: 00〜18: 00
  • Trial Period 3 months
  • Department Assign Diva Co., Ltd. [CEU_SMD_East Sales] Customer Engagement Division Sales Management Department East Japan Sales Department
Job Description

For CFO organizations and information systems departments of major listed companies that have consolidated subsidiaries, we will be able to identify issues, create proposal opportunities , propose solutions, and collaborate with other departments. 

■ Customer’s issues / advancement of performance management methods using accounting technology / Improvement of accounting operations in the entire group including overseas subsidiaries / Creation of a mechanism for improving productivity / Early settlement of accounts / to make investment decisions in accounting, sales, and market information collection 

– take advantage of creating mechanisms to prevent, fraud in advance 

· IFRS correspondence and overseas sub connection, etc. 

■ sales of the work of the flow of the proposed opportunities from the needs excavation with respect to management issues, customers creation as the motion for manifest the-potential needs, Tereapo of course, to the seminars attract customers and e-mail magazine readers operating activities using and reach, etc. ask them to introduce the person in charge from the neighboring departments, a variety of techniques the implementation construction of the proposed scenario from the confirmation of BANTC information-customers. 

* Budget: Budget, Authority: Authority (settler), Needs: Necessity, Timing: Timing, Competitor: Competitors / First visits to orders, we will make multiple proposals and improve the quality while improving. 

* From finding needs to concluding contracts, on average, about 6 months 

・ After receiving an order, we will lead the project until it starts as a project involving members from outside the company (consultants and engineers) . 

■ Important points for sales 

・ There are many executives such as accounting managers and managers of business planning departments of major listed companies, so it is important to collect business trends and economic information from the world in advance and stand from the same perspective. 

We will try to get into the deep part to solve your problems . 

・ Solutions are not limited to in-house products, but in order to satisfy clients, we are also considering creating new solutions in-house if we cannot respond with our products . 

・ Because it is not a sales style that can be completed by yourself, you need the ability to carry out your work while involving a group of experts inside and outside the company . 

■ Challenging work / Being able to work with listed CFO-class customers, you can be deeply involved in the foundations of large-scale company management . There are many people involved inside and outside the company, leading the whole with their own power, and the joy of achieving the goals can be a great sense of accomplishment. 

・ Customer’s request level is high, and in the process of responding to it, it will lead to improvement of one’s own level.

Hiring requirements

[Mandatory requirements] 

Those who meet all of the following requirements 

● Those who have solution-type corporate sales experience 

● Those who have a balance between age and experience 

● Demonstrate leadership to achieve the objectives Those who have been involved in business execution 

● Those who have established a winning pattern to produce results even if the environment changes, and who can demonstrate high reproducibility 

[Characters to seek] 

● Sympathize with the company’s mission vision, Those who can be actively involved in providing value to customers and the growth of their own organization 

● Professionalism (thorough customer orientation, strong party awareness, high motivation to learn) 


● Those who have a track record of sales 

● Those who have a high sensitivity to business trends and economic information in the world 

● Those who are interested in financial analysis of companies 

● Those who like to talk using numbers

Wage system

Daily wage system

Break time

60 minutes

overtime work

There is a monthly average of about 30 hours

Discretionary labor system & fixed overtime system

Fixed overtime 

pay basic salary: 202,691 yen to 291,368 yen 

Fixed overtime pay: 47,309 yen to 68,007 yen 

Fixed overtime hours: 

Additional wages for overtime over 30 hours fixed overtime hours

Treatment conditions and salary bonus

Annual salary increase (July), Bonus twice a year (June / December), Commuting allowance (paid within the tax-exempt limit) * 150,000 yen / month


Complete social insurance (employment, work-related accidents, health / welfare pension), employee shareholding association (incentive is 20%), work-at-home system, other benefits for Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association, overtime allowance (30 hours / month excess), Late-night allowance (paid for overtime work from 22:00 to 5:00 the next morning)

Selection process

Document screening 


primary interview (Group Leader) 


secondary interview (sales manager) 


final interview (Sales General Manager) 


job offer 

* selection number of times, the content is also subject to change. 

* Those who are far away will respond to Skype for HR interviews.


[Number of annual holidays: 122 days] 

2 days a week (Saturday / Sunday), holidays, annual paid leave (20 days from the first year), year-end and New Year holidays, summer vacation, childcare / nursing care leave system

・ The working conditions, etc. specified in this job offer may differ from the working conditions at the time of signing the labor contract. 

・ This job offer includes information that has not been disclosed to the public, so it is prohibited to provide or forward it to third parties.