SRE engineer

Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-24
  • Career Level Programmer
  • Offerd Salary ¥6 - ¥8 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee 1 Person
  • Gender Required Both
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 9 to 18
  • Trial Period 3 months
  • Department Assign SRE team
Job Description

You will be in charge of SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) that realizes stable operation of “bellFace”, a web conferencing service specialized for sales. 

[About Bell Face] 

This is a Web conferencing system specialized for sales. In the 3 years of release, 1,000 companies have already been introduced and there are many achievements such as 120% of business talks.  

[Position Features] 

・ Performs all sorts of tasks necessary to achieve the mission to operate “bellFace” stably. The company’s SRE covers a wide range of areas from applications to infrastructure, and works with various professionals to ensure stable operation and improvement of products. 

・ Rather than work with instructions, we will investigate what is necessary for customers to use “bellFace” comfortably, make hypotheses and work on improvements. 

[Specific business] 

1. Fixed a bug that has been pointed out from the customer elimination of single point of failure.

2. Visualization of various operational data 

3.Realization of UX improvement of Product Manager 

[development process] 

flow of development  

Customer issues are mainly assigned by product managers, while technical issues are assigned by CTO and engineers from the SRE team. After that, the engineer re-estimates and sets the appropriate period to proceed with development. 

Development policy 

Development is based on pull requests using GitHub, and basically all code is reviewed. We will continue to work actively to improve quality. 

Team management

Weekly 1 on 1 sessions are held with the CTO and development directors who allocate resources. From the situation of individuals and teams to the progress of the project, we are constantly meeting. 

[Development environment] 

Server side: PHP 7, CakePHP 2, Laravel 5 

Front end: Vue.js, Nuxt 


infrastructure: AWS (EC2, RDS * Aurora, S3, ALB, Cloudfront, EKS), Kubernetes 

CI test: CircleCI 

source code management: GitHub 

project management: Backlog, GitHub issue 

information sharing tools: Slack, DocBase 

Other tools: Datadog, Sentry, Redash 

[ Rewarding and attractive] 

・ In addition to engineering in SaaS such as infrastructure, applications, multiplication with business It is an environment where you can improve your career. 

・ It is possible to accumulate experience to improve the user experience at the forefront, such as construction and improvement of stable products based on data and technology, rather than system operation that can be overcome by manpower. 

・ Innovate your legacy “sales” while working hard with specialist engineers. 

・ You can directly feel your own growth in a large and expanding market. 

-The smaller the employee size, the greater the discretion of the individual, and there are many opportunities for him to stand at bat. 

-Because remote work is possible, you can work wherever you want, and you can realize a very healthy work style. 

・ Because of the flextime system, working hours can be set flexibly according to your lifestyle. 

-Regular work at home is also possible. Most of the team is working at home.

Hiring Requirements

Those who satisfy all of the following requirements: 

1. Web application development experience (PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, C #, Java, Scala, etc.) 

2. Basic knowledge of RDBMS 

3. Using GitHub Pull request-based development experience 


1. Experience as SRE 

2. Experience in refactoring and replacing legacy applications 

3. Experience in development using CakePHP / jQuery 

4. Incorporating continuous integration using CI Experience in development environment

Selection Process

Document screening 


Primary interview: CTO interview 


Secondary interview: President interview 



* The number of selections and content may change. 

* An online interview may be conducted if you are far away.