Sumo Counter Housing Advisor Job

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-28
  • Career Level Programmer
  • Offerd Salary ¥2 - ¥4 Million
  • Experience Less than 1 Year
  • Number of employee up to 5 people
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Internet & Gaming
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 09: 00-17: 30
  • Trial Period 6 months
Job Description

You will be in charge of advisory work related to the purchase of custom-built houses and newly built condominiums at Sumo Counter. 

[1] About customers 

who are considering purchasing custom-built homes or newly built condominiums 

[2] About Sumo Counter 

122 stores nationwide (as of July 7, 2018 ) Provides free introduction of construction companies, house makers and newly built condominiums that meet customer budgets and wishes. 

[3] This is a team-based counter sales system that provides support for finding the ideal home while offering advice through face-to-face consultations and telephone consultations regarding sales methods and processes . By drawing out customer concerns and requests, and making optimal proposals from a neutral standpoint, we support “house-building”, which is a major choice in life. 


1) For visitor reservations or drop-offs (reservation 70-80%) * There is no new development such as call 

2) Consultation / budget and interviews about how you want to live (1-2) Time)) 

・ Consult with the backyard members to determine the best content for introduction 

3) Set up the introduction business negotiation and tour. 

・ Those who are considering custom housing .Introducing construction companies and construction companies 

・ Those who are considering new condominiums . Introducing model rooms 

4) Repeat consultations and introductions, and if the contract is a new condominium, one or two months after visiting In the case of a custom house, it will accompany you for 3-6 months. 

< Daily flow> 

9:00 Share your schedule at the office, meeting 

10:30, phone / email follow-up after visiting the store, etc. 

12:00 Lunch 

15:00 Waiting on customers 

* If there is no waiting on customers, contact customers or follow up on other members such as 

*  Hospitality number of Saturdays and Sundays 1 day on average 1 to 3 sets 

16:30 paperwork and customer service preparation

17:30 leaving 

* assigned destination, the contents of the work location and responsible duties, be changed for the convenience of business after joining 

[4] Characteristic of the position 

▶ Improved service with the voice of the field, not top-down, and set the mission based on what I want to do. 

▶ In the case of individual customer service, we return to the backyard from time to time and respond to them while consulting with the chief and colleagues. It is an environment where customers can work with peace of mind as they work together as a team. 

▶ Every six months, we will comprehensively review the number of referrals, contract rate, CS (customer satisfaction) questionnaires, etc. We evaluate our strengths and think about how to overcome weaknesses together. 

[5] Decent and attractive 

▶ The female ratio is 80%, and women in their 20s to early 40s are active. The acquisition rate for those who wish to take maternity leave is 100%, and mom advisors after childcare leave are also active. 

▶ People and careers are valued, and there is a “system” and “climate” where you can work your way. 

▶ There is a case of a person who aims for store management and management, and has become the chief (store manager) in the shortest time since joining the company. 

▶ There is no problem even if you do not have knowledge about the housing industry. It is possible to learn through training and work after employment. 80% of the members are inexperienced at work. 

[6] Business improvement 

▶ We are actively improving business. We will share the awareness of daily work within the team and consider measures to solve problems. 

▶ All members are always thinking about “How can I best serve and propose to customers?” 

▶ In the event that an individual or in-store initiative is very successful, it may be recognized as an “MVP” or “MVT” and reflected as a business measure.

Hiring requirements


Sales and customer service experience (experience in conversations tailored to each customer) 

[Welcome conditions] 

Those who are interested in store management and management 

* There is no problem even if you do not have knowledge about the housing industry. We value the ability to listen to customer requests rather than knowledge.

Treatment conditions / sales bonus

Estimated annual income: 3.2 million yen 

Monthly salary: 240,625 yen (232,204 yen) 


Basic salary: 175,000 yen (168,875 yen) 

Duty allowance: 65,625 yen (63,329 yen) 

* Duty allowance: Overtime allowance equivalent to 45 hours (excess portion is paid separately as overtime allowance) 

2 bonuses and commuting allowance (according to company regulations)


Social insurance (health insurance, long-term care insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance and workmen’s insurance), overtime allowance, retirement allowance

Selection process

Document selection 


Interview (1 to 2 times) 

SPI test (Examination information will be sent directly to the person) 



* The number of selections and content may change.


[Number of annual holidays: 130 days (125 days for company holidays + 5 days for designated holidays)] 

2 days a week (depending on the store: weekdays, Wednesdays, and trees are often closed * Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are allowed during ceremonial occasions), summer and the end of the year holiday (each 7-9 consecutive holidays about by the shift), paid leave: 15 days grant from the hire date (of which 5 days digestion as a designated holiday), child-care leave system, nursing care leave system, nursing leave system 

・ The working conditions, etc. specified in this job offer may differ from the working conditions at the time of conclusion of the labor contract. 

・ This job offer includes information that has not been disclosed to the public, so it is prohibited to provide or forward it to third parties.