[Urgent recruitment] Business improvement / consulting sales (manager candidate)

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-09-03
  • Career Level Manager
  • Offerd Salary ¥4 - ¥6 Million
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Number of employee 1 person
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Other
  • Qualification Associate Degree
  • Working Hour 9:00 to 17:00
  • Trial Period 3 Months
  • Department Assign Contact center
Job Description

You will be in charge of consulting sales at the company’s contact center. 

We focus on consulting that leads to customer business growth, such as negotiation with customers and proposals for improvement. 

1) About customers

 Various companies in the human resources industry are customers. 

2) Providing various 

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services that contribute to improving the value of customers’ core businesses and creating new businesses through business agency and business process optimization. 

Discover and raise potential customer issues and provide long-term support from business process design to implementation of necessary tools and subsequent operations as solutions. 

The company’s BPO service: http://www.neo-career.co.jp/bpo/ 

3) Each BPO service and specific operations 

As a BPO business developed by a human resources service company, it has its own strengths in the recruitment field We offer the following services that take advantage of your standing position. * The following is an example. 

————————————————– ——————————————- 

<BPO service for human resources companies> 

[Concrete business] 

1. Business design consulting 

2. Proposal of various measures (proposed new measures to improve yield, etc.) 

3. Proposal of measures to attract customers , invitation of dispatched registrants, invitation of job interviews , job postings Creation, scouting, etc 

.——————————————– ———————————————— 

<Recruitment Support BPO Service> 

[Specific operations] 

1. Formulating recruitment schemes and action plans 

2. Planning and clarification of target personnel 

3. Planning methods for attracting customers (selection of advertising media, recruitment agencies, etc.) 

4. Paper, Web, Production of recruitment tools for video, etc. 

5. Other agency services for recruitment in general (such as briefing session operation and interview setting work) 

———————— ————————————————– ——————- 

< BPO services> of the other 

[specific business] 

1. Sales agency support 

2. outbound services (such as the appointment acquisition) 

3. inbound service of, products and service inquiries , document request accepted, such as such as affairs and accounting 4. HR agency solutions 

—————————— ———————————————— 

【Company About] 

-We are engaged in various human resources related businesses, such as human resource introduction / dispatching, job hunting / job change support. 

・ As more and more companies are working on introducing BPO and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to improve productivity and operational efficiency, not only the workforce of the world can be relieved by recruitment support as a human resources company, but also the work of customers In order to eliminate the labor force of customers by acting on behalf of the company, we entered the BPO business in earnest. 

・ It is our strength to be able to pursue added value unique to a comprehensive human resources service company, and we believe that we can establish No.1 in BPO services for the human resources industry. 

-Among BPO services, the transaction results in the recruitment agency area are already the best in the industry for new graduates, mid-career workers, and part-time workers. In addition, regular BPO service inquiries are increasing every month, and as a BPO service company that is strong in recruitment and human resources, we will build a solid position in the industry and open up new grounds in our own position. 

[Challenging / Attractive]

-Since we deal with intangible services rather than things, trust from customers that “this person can leave it with peace of mind” is the greatest evaluation in this work. It may be that only a small part of the work can be entrusted to you first, but if you continue to respond to the entrusted work with results that exceed your expectations, a relationship of trust will be created and it will often lead to new business opportunities. 

・ You can feel the real pleasure of expanding the market share while gaining the trust of customers, provide the services that are indispensable for customers, and above all, you can become the one you need. 

・ For members who have provided high value to their customers, such as members who become leaders and managers within six months of joining the company, we are also actively raising salaries and promotions.

Hiring requirements

[Required requirements] 

Those who meet one of the following requirements (industry-related) 

1. Corporate sales experience 

2. Solution sales experience 

[In addition] 

Sales experience in the BPO industry

Treatment conditions and salary bonus

Expected annual income: 3 million to 6 million yen + incentive 

* Annual income is preferentially treated according to regulations, taking into account experience and ability 

* Salary overtime equivalent of 45 hours per month is included in salary (excess payment) 

<Example of payment>

For annual income of 3 million yen: 64,000 / monthly 

income of 6 million yen: 127,000 / monthly 

salary Provided in 12 divisions, raise twice a year (April / October), as needed, commuting transportation expenses (up to 50,000 yen / month)


Various social insurances, overtime allowance, position allowance, property savings system, shareholding association (there is a shareholding association incentive scheme), Keigo Sumiko, childcare support allowance (up to 50,000 yen / month * regular employees only), regular meeting, employees General meeting (once a year), division status system (reward trip for each status promotion * Taiwan etc.), goal achievement department achievement meeting 

* Childcare support allowance: Children who return to work after childcare leave must be left at daycare centers, etc. If you are unable to work, you will not be able to leave your child at a licensed childcare center, and if you have to leave it at an unlicensed childcare center, we will provide you with support up to 50,000 yen per month.


[Number of annual holidays: 120 days or more] 

Full weekly holiday 2 days (Saturday, Sunday), holidays, summer vacation, annual paid leave, Keio leave, menstrual leave, nursing leave, maternity leave, refresh leave, day not to miss growth (Employees with children before entering junior high school can take special leave at the entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony, or athletic meet).

Selection process

Document screening 


Primary interview 


Secondary interview 


Final interview  

* The number of screenings and content may change.