Vehicle exhaust gas quality control / legal certification engineer [For North America / Machining Major Kubota]

Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-30
  • Career Level Others
  • Offerd Salary ¥4 - ¥6 Million
  • Experience Fresh
  • Number of employee 1
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Manufacturing
  • Qualification Bachelor Degree
  • Working Hour 08: 00-16: 30
  • Trial Period 3 months
  • Department Assign Machine Development Management Department
Job Description

You will be responsible for the following tasks in the machine development management department of the company. 

In order to expand the Utility Vehicle business, we are entering the high-speed UV market. For high-speed UV equipped with a gasoline engine, the US authorities (EPA / CARB) certification is required. We are also looking forward to helping to ensure the quality of exhaust gas for production and market. 

[Concrete operations] 

1. Exhaust gas certification application operations, understanding of exhaust gas regulation trends and decontamination of regulations 

2. Exhaust gas related concurrent activities with development departments, development of application documents for engine control specifications 

3. Exhaust gas quality control at manufacturing sites ( (Independent sampling inspection and change point management of production machines) 

4. Regular reports to the EPA / CARB authorities on production, sales volume, exhaust gas values, etc. (quarterly / annual) 

[Reliable / attractive] 

/ Exhaust gas certification for products developed overseas Yes, you may be able to experience expatriates abroad. 

・ There is a possibility of developing into an independent department in the future due to business expansion, and it is a position where you can demonstrate leadership as the first person in the company 

. 450,000 units in the United States. 10% of the diesel sector. 64% of them are the company. Overall, less than 0%. Entering the gasoline market can increase market share. There is room for growth. The input product has a good reputation. The two-wheel type has a fall, and four wheels are selected for safety. There are also markets in South America and Europe. It can also be used for transportation in factories. Diesel entered in 2004. So this is the only share. Used for work, but used for leks on weekends. A “crossover” vehicle is selected. 

[About the company]

The company is broadly divided into two categories: the machinery sector, which manufactures agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, etc.), engines and construction machinery, and the water environment sector, which manufactures and constructs iron pipes, pumps and valves, environmental plants, and so on. In addition to supporting domestic farming and infrastructure development, we are actively expanding overseas to expand our global market share in each field. As of 2015, we are working to expand production bases and sales channels in North America, Europe, and Asia, aiming for group sales of 1.5 trillion yen to 2 trillion yen. We are looking for human resources who have accumulated experience in Japan and who are active overseas, as well as human resources that can further strengthen our domestic base, and are actively promoting career recruitment. 

[About the group] 

Kubota Co., Ltd. started in 1890 in the foundry industry. In Japan, where modernization is progressing, Japan has contributed to the development of society by realizing the domestic production of water pipes and the mechanization of agriculture for the first time in Japan. Inheriting the belief that “products that are useful for the development of the country must be created with all knowledge and wisdom” “is not only technically superior, but must be useful to society” To promote the business. The world has food problems and water environment problems due to population growth. The Kubota Group considers food, water, and the environment as one, and contributes to solving these issues.

Hiring requirements

[Mandatory requirements] 

Those who meet all of the following requirements: 

1. Automobile and motorcycle manufacturers have applied for certification in the exhaust gas management / certification department 

2. Has experience in vehicle / engine development at the above manufacturers and experience in engine control systems 

3 . English proficiency primary owner or TOEIC800-point level 


1. language skills can understand the technical English in the fourth grade Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree graduates of Science and technology 

2. exhaust gas measurement experience and knowledge in the exhaust gas laboratory, etc. 

3. Those who have graduated from the department of English at a foreign language university and are interested in 

automobiles and motorcycles 4. Knowledge that can handle on-board diagnostic development tools in automobile and motorcycle manufacturers 

5. Experience in living abroad (returned market) or expatriate experience Language ability to communicate with native locals. 

(For business reasons, there are many overseas business trips. If you wish, you can be stationed in North America.)

Treatment conditions / sales bonus

Expected annual income: 4.5 million to 8.5 million yen (including overtime and various allowances) 

* Determined according to company regulations, taking into account experience, annual income of previous work, age, etc. 

* The “specialized work discretionary labor system” may apply depending on the type of job at the time of hiring. 

Graduate graduate (master): 237,000 yen per month / University graduate: 217,000 yen per month * April 2017 result 

<Annual income reference example> 

27 years old: 5392 thousand yen (one dependent, with housing allowance, overtime fee) excluding) 

34-year-old: 7,158,000 yen (dependents 3 people, in the case of a housing allowance Yes, excluding overtime) 

※ during the shortest promotion, 35-year-old: 8,970,000 yen (managers handling, care-free)  

raise: once a year (April), bonus: twice a year (June, December)


Complete social insurance (employment, work-related accidents, health, welfare pension), commuting allowance (according to company regulations), family allowance (dependent family: 13,000 yen for the first person, 3,500 yen for the second person, 3,500 yen for the third person, * up to 20,000 yen ), Housing allowance (11,000 Yen according to company regulations * Not applicable when using dormitory / company housing), Dormitory / company housing ownership (depending on availability of properties near the assigned area, family structure, etc.), retirement allowance, savings system / property savings system ( Property-type pension, housing property), group savings insurance, Kubota Fund (employee shareholding association), Keihin / Insurance / Keiho-no-mokin system, family life support insurance, disaster compensation, various non-life insurance, etc. Health / Recreation / Cafeteria plan (use of sports facilities) Assistance, travel expense assistance, etc.), various health checkups, medical checkup assistance, etc.

Selection process 

Document screening 


 Primary interview 


 Secondary interview 


 Final interview 

* The number of screenings and content may change.


[Annual holidays: 125 days] 

Year-end and New Year holidays, Summer, GW, Annual paid, Special / Keio holidays Saturday, Sunday, Paid leave (Maximum 20 days (14 days when entering the company, half day / hour unit available) Others (Manufacturing Division Is determined by each business site, and is based on the yearly prescribed holiday (business calendar)

・ The working conditions, etc. specified in this job offer may differ from the working conditions at the time of conclusion of the labor contract. 

・ This job offer includes information that has not been disclosed to the public, so it is prohibited to provide or forward it to third parties.