[Inexperienced welcome] Contract MR (joined in October 2019)

Full-Time Employee
  • Post Date: 2019-08-26
  • Career Level Others
  • Offerd Salary ¥4 - ¥6 Million
  • Experience Fresh
  • Number of employee upto 5
  • Gender Required Both
  • INDUSTRY Other
  • Qualification Bachelor Degree
  • Working Hour 09: 00〜18: 00
  • Trial Period 9 months
  • Department Assign --
Job Description

As a contract MR, you will be in charge of a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s project and engage in MR activities. 

[Specific work] 

Visit medical institutions and provide medical information to doctors and pharmacists. 

It deals mainly with “ethical drugs” used by doctors’ prescriptions in hospitals and clinics. 

<Work flow of the day> 

Morning: Visit to pharmaceutical wholesalers, research 

on target and competitive information Morning: Office work (preparation for visits, etc.) will do) 

※ mainly, medical institutions lunch time (before the start of the foreign at the end of the afternoon of the morning) and, at the foreign end of the afternoon is the prime time of the visit. Sometimes we have lunch while exchanging information with pharmaceutical wholesalers. 

* Basically, it is a direct bounce type sales style, but you will need to stop by the sales office until you get used to it. 

[Career improvement after joining the company] 

・ Three months after joining the company, students will learn a wide range of knowledge in the medical and pharmaceutical fields through training by full-time instructors focusing on subjects in the MR training texts. 

Even after being assigned to the project, you can train for the products you actually handle for a month and follow up on the necessary knowledge on site. Also, after going on-site, you can steadily gain a career as an MR while getting consultations, including not only the project manager’s work and knowledge, but also the life at the assignment. 

・ Since being certified as the first MR Education Certified Facility in 2001, the company has maintained a high level of education and training for MR. With its own training program, it is possible to prepare well for the MR certification exam.

Hiring requirements

[Mandatory requirements] 

Those who meet all of the following requirements: 

1. Those who have at least 2 years of experience as a sales person (industry-related) 

2. Those who can relocate nationwide 

3. The latest turnover period within 3 months 

4. Ordinary car Those who have a driver’s license (those who can drive)

Treatment conditions and salary bonus

[Scheduled annual income] 

4 million yen to 5 million yen (overtime allowance: None) 


310,000 yen to 350,000 yen (including the uniform allowance below) 

Basic salary: 200,000 yen to 220,000 yen Other flat-rate allowances: 30,000 yen to 30,000 yen 

* Fixed Overtime allowance is provided for 40 hours per month, 70,000 yen (in case of annual income of 4 million yen) to 80,000 yen (in case of annual income of 5 million yen) 

* Scheduled annual income is only a guideline amount and may change through selection There is. 

* Monthly charges include fixed allowances. 

[With / without salary increase] 


[Overtime pay] 

Fixed overtime pay system: Time set payment 

[Supplementary supplementary salary] 

■ Scheduled annual salary and monthly salary are based on the assumption of the first year of joining the company and are calculated including the training period. 

■ After assigning to the site, a daily allowance for work and housing allowance depending on the place of work will be added. 

* Example: Approximately 50,000 yen / month for a working day, 20,000 to 40,000 yen / month for housing allowance, 30,000 yen / month for single person allowance, etc. 

* Varies depending on the place of work and family composition, etc.


Commuting allowance, Housing allowance, Health insurance, Employees’ pension insurance, Employment insurance, Industrial accident insurance, Retirement allowance system. 

[Treatment and welfare supplement] 

Commuting allowance: No supplementary housing allowance: Upper limit / 40,000 yen Yen) Social Insurance: No supplementary retirement allowance: No supplementary 

[Education system / qualification assistance supplement] 

Introductory training, skill training, pharmacy training (about 3 months) Product training (about 2 weeks) Even after obtaining MR certification Self-development system called “APS College” allows you to improve skills such as disease areas and business skills. 

[Other supplements] 

Evaluation in the competence performance system: Social insurance is provided twice a year / Health, work-related accidents, employment, and employee pension 

transfer , Housing contract subsidy payment (moving fee will be paid by the company)

Selection process

[Application documents] 

[aptitude test] (please subject to inspections before interview) 



※ after the phone interview is more distant, will be the final interview 

※ scheduled for about three weeks to adopt from applicants and 

※ aptitude test is language, non-verbal, of personality aptitude configuration. Details are not disclosed.


[Annual Holidays: 122] 

Full week holiday, 2 days (and weekends and holidays), paid holidays 10 to 40 days, summer holidays, year-end and New Year holidays

・ The working conditions, etc. specified in this job offer may differ from the working conditions at the time of signing the labor contract. 

・ This job offer includes information that has not been disclosed to the public, so it is prohibited to provide or forward it to third parties.