System Solution Sales [Major Human Resources Group]

Application deadline date has been passed for this Job.
  • Post Date: 2019-08-26
  • Career Level Others
  • Offerd Salary ¥4 - ¥6 Million
  • Experience 3 Years
  • Number of employee 1 person
  • Gender Required Both
  • Qualification Bachelor Degree
  • Working Hour 9 to 18
  • Trial Period 3 Months
  • Department Assign A total of about 10 minorities will be selected.
Job Description

Understand the management issues and business issues facing customers, and make proposals using the company’s IT consulting, system solutions, and product solutions. You will be involved in a wide range of work, not only for the group but also for external sales. 

1. For the customer corporations for 

2. products and materials 

– analysis of the current system, the construction of in-house systems, such as sales and service industry management system IT management system development, such as, carried out propose the best solution for your customer challenges We will continue to solve the management issues faced by customers. 


-System solutions: Utilizing the latest technologies in Japan and overseas, we will provide high-quality, high-quality IT solutions that meet business challenges. 

・ Consulting: We provide consulting services that support the growth of people and organizations. 

3. Sales methods / processes 

Build relationships of trust with a wide range of stakeholders, including group companies, and make full use of the power of all employees to make proposals that reflect the essence of customers We carry out. 


1) Acquisition of contract (permission) 

2) Investigation of customer’s medium-term management plan and issues 

3) Proposal of solutions that meet customer issues 

4) Projected critical success factors (major success factors) In 

order to connect with the contracting technology (engineer), we will deal with it all at once. 

5) Responsible for a certain amount of specific account and lead for pioneering , visualization of issues and project / business negotiation promotion . 

6) The following self-driving / accounting account PDCA / lead utilization measures PDCA .

[About evaluation] 


The company’s evaluation has two evaluation axes: performance (number) and value (action). Depending on the company, the evaluation may change depending on the seniority or relationship with the boss, but the company has achieved the level of achievement of the goals set by the company at the beginning of the term. 

First of all, we will discuss the goals we have set up with our boss, and then set up a feedback period every three months, so we will work while firmly grasping each other’s efforts, achievements, issues, and future career. Is possible. 

The company also has a detailed set of roles required by job titles and grades, which means that the next target should be clear. 

[Challenging / Attractive]

– This position is the highest among solution sales and sales positions, so it can increase the market value of sales. 

・ Because you can learn cutting-edge knowledge and business models such as AI, IoT, and FinTech, you can acquire know-how and experience that can be used at any company in the future. 

・ You will have the ability to make proposals and control skills so that you can feel that you are involved in business expansion as well as personal growth. 

・ Because there is an in-house recruitment system called Career Challenge, in addition to this department, you can gain a wide range of experience as a sales person such as in-house service, sales in the outsourcing business, and pre-sales. 

・ Because each person’s actions are directly linked to the company’s brand and sales, you can feel that it is a work with great influence. 


・ IT knowledge, internal / external coordination capabilities 

・ Proposal ability for customer issues 

[workplace environment] 

・ Work with team members, engineers and stakeholders rather than working in a closed environment There is a culture that values ​​communication and respects each person’s opinions. 

・ Because the position is vacant regardless of age and company history, it is possible to go up depending on ability. 

・ Because you are not a seniority company, your achievements will be evaluated as they are, and you will be able to step up with leaders and managers. In fact, the manager is 32 years old and the leader is 28 years old.

Hiring requirements
[Mandatory requirements] 
Those who meet one of the following requirements: 
1. Experience in providing solutions to customer issues through IT .
2. Experience in making customized solutions to customer issues.

Treatment conditions and salary bonus
Estimated annual income: 3,840,000 yen to 6,384,000 yen (excluding overtime charges) 
Basic salary: 240,000 yen to 399,000 yen .

* In the case of discretionary labor, discretionary labor allowance: 98,500 yen to 166,300 yen. 

Monthly salary, salary increase / decrease : twice a year (personnel) Commuting allowance 

<Salary example: 30 hours overtime / month assumption> 
Estimated annual income: 4,515,600 yen-7,507,200 yen 
Basic salary: 296,300 yen-492,600 yen


Various social insurances, recreation facilities, property savings system, defined contribution pension system, group long-term lifetime income insurance system, overtime allowance, technical training (IT architect training, development method, UX / UI, AWS related, various developments (Language, DB, Middle, etc.), Business (Business school contents such as PMP acquisition support, logical thinking, career development).